What do girls think makes a good boy?

What do girls think makes a good boy? Topic: What is case sensitive characters
July 20, 2019 / By Arielle
Question: In case you can not tell this question is aimed at girls. If you are not a girl I presume you would not be capable of answering this question very well. LOL
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Zebedee Zebedee | 7 days ago
Some1 funny caring and sensitive but some strong in character who can make you feel safe, some1 who can converse but listen and some1 who smiles but is serious when required
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Zebedee Originally Answered: What makes a good superhero Novel series good?
Believability-in one word. You have to make your reader feel like they're in the action. Type of writing-up to you Conflicts of self usually work well.(Ya know 'Man vs self') Destiny-well yeah.( it is a superhero novel is it not?) Love interest-up to you Your writing it makes the story unique No cliffhangers!!!!People WILL hate you for it. Unless you intend on writing a sequel. 10 characters is fine.

Sid Sid
Honestly, it takes a lot. A good sense of humour, sincerity, honesty, understanding, old school chivalry... open doors for her, offer to pay on a date, walk closest to traffic, and the one that's sadly fading away: stand up when a girl stands or enters a room. Loyalty, trust, and just generally having a lot in common with the girl. Hope that helps!
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Ogden Ogden
Humor, honesty, sweetness, loyalty, a little knowledge(at least), patience, a teeny bit of sarcasm (what, I'm a sarcastic type of person!) tolerance, style (but not TOO much), sensitivity, and of course the love u share. (looks and kissability are always nice bonuses though) :)
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Laurie Laurie
a guy that still thinks old school courting is what a girl wants respectful sensitive flowers just because not being pushy about the physical part opening doors for her
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Izzy Izzy
JUST BE YOURSELF!!! their is nothing i hate more then when a guy acts in a way to make a girl believe he is something he isn't. other than that romance, don't be too pushy about anything, and don't make her feel like she has to change just for you
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Filander Filander
Honesty, romance, a good sense of humour, being spontaneous. You also have to be attracted to the person.
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Filander Originally Answered: What makes a good novel?
Plot your story knowing what the end of your story will be. Begin your story with an inciting incident (the hook) for your not so perfect protagonist (internal and external conflicts). Introduce your antagonist (nemesis throughout the story who appears time and time again) who presents situations that your main character must overcome. Meanwhile set scene (time/space) compatible with your characters. You may add subplots with minor characters who support main character or not. Remember to keep main "theme," to pace your story forth to final resolution. May end with "happily ever after," or an unfinished theme as a precursor for a series. Hope this helps. Good Luck

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