Is it weird to write a will if you're a teenager?

Is it weird to write a will if you're a teenager? Topic: How to write a research paper medical
July 17, 2019 / By Agnes
Question: I mean, is that really morbid and stuff, or is it okay for me to do it? No, Luke, I'm not suicidal and I don't want attention. It's just an idea. If I were to die, say, in a car accident, I'd want people to know what I wanted.
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Timmy Timmy | 5 days ago
Disclaimer: The laws in my home country are likely different from yours, but there are probably a cuople of reasons you may want to make out a will at any age. I've had one since I was 16, as I had a trust fund that I became sole beneficiary of and wanted it to go to specific people and places if something were to happen to me. So, if you have cash or property assets, even if they are in trust for your benefit, you may direct your administrator (the person who will handle your estate) how to distribute your property, including cash/accounts, etc. rather than revert automatically to the nearest living relative/spouse or, if you die without a will, the state, who will then settle your estate. (Again, trust laws vary by country, so don't take that for granted if you have one/will have one at some point). You also have one thing we all have that's very valuable - or costly, depending on what you want done with it after your passing. Your body. When you die, something will have to be done with it. I am doing full body donation. I will essentially be stripped of any parts that are still usable, my bones may be used for bone screws, my skin to help grow skin grafts - or I could be used for research. Any pieces of parts left over are to be cremated and scattered in my home country. You may direct your estate administrator how to dispose of your earthly remains in your will. If you wish to be buried, when you are financially stable on your own, buy a plot and prepay your burial expenses. So no, a will is not a bad idea for you if you are at the age you feel OK with making those sorts of decisions and it would help you feel better about the one thing we all have to wrestle with at some point - our own mortality. Speaking of which, a living will - what they're to do if you are ever so severely injured you cannot make medical decisions for yourself, among other things - is never a bad idea. Talk to your family about your wishes when you die, preferably without scaring them, please. You may not need a legal document as you may not have much to worry about right now, but the living will is a big one (google Terry Schiavo for what happens if you don't have one) and letting your family know how you prefer your remains be dealt with is also a very good idea, even if you don't put it on paper.
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Rama Rama
A person can write a Will if they have assets (possessions) which they want to bequeath (give) to their loved ones by listing who you wish to get what. I am not quite sure a minor can draft a Will because a Will is a legal document and legal documents are drawn by adults. Also, in order for a Will to be valid, it has to be notarized and again, I am not sure a minor is able to do such a thing. No, it is not weird to want to bequeath your belongings to anyone of your choice. However, it is odd for a teenager to draw a Will because Wills are usually drawn to disburse assets and most teens have not accumulated belongings or an estate to disburse.
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Marquis Marquis
Not really actually. I'm 14 and I have always wanted to write a will. I don't want attention and I am not suicidal. I just want to do it just in case. I want certain people (like my dad), to have certain things (like my pocket knife collection and my souvenirs to our trip to Arizona). It just gives me comfort that if anything bad ever happened the everyone would have there own stuff to remember me by.
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Jerry Jerry
I think its fine, I was listing one in my head the other day. Every person wakes up every single morning not knowing if they are going to live or die that day, whats wrong with writing a will?? You'll just be more prepared than others.
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