Sources for an English research paper?

Sources for an English research paper? Topic: Research paper writing service
July 16, 2019 / By Joshawa
Question: I am a high school senior and I have to write a research paper for my English class. My teacher gave me a handout with some guidelines for the paper, but I'm not sure about my sources. I need a minimum of six quoted sources, which "must include at least four items in print (books, articles, pamphlets on paper)" and I have to show my sources to my teacher. Would it be approriate if I just printed out my articles from a website such as http://www.highbeam.com ? Or do I have to go to a library or bookstore and find my sources within a book, magazine, or journal?
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Hanoch Hanoch | 8 days ago
Public libraries subscribe to databases so that the community has free access to published literature - magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference sources. This is paid for through tax dollars. http://lists.webjunction.org/libweb/ Once you have a library card/account and have set up your online password, then you can go to the library Web site and search the databases. Examples: ProQuest, SIRS, Ebsco, Opposing Viewpoints, CQ Researcher, etc. Each library has a database of its holdings (books, dvds, etc.) - this is called the Catalog. You may also want to search across many libraries at once - for this you can use WorldCat. http://www.worldcat.org/ So.... you can print out resources from a library database and those would count as print sources. Just remember that there are also resources in the physical library that haven't made it online yet. To do the best research still requires both online and print resources. Most libraries today offer research assistance via instant messaging or live chat type services. Look for this on your local library Web site.
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I'm assuming your asking about in-text citations. You use the author and the page number of the source. If there is no page number, then just use the author. Here is a website that gives a great example: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resour...
Hanoch Originally Answered: How do I do an internal citation in MLA format for my research paper using these sources?
There are many different circumstances for in-text citations For books, you need the authors last name and the page number to where you got the info from. For websites, you need the authors last name, if there isn't one, use the title of the article. those are the only two I know sorry, If you go to citation machine (website) and fill out the citation it does the in-text for you.

Edwyn Edwyn
Since you teacher specified print sources, you need to actually find things that are in print. This is not you printing things out. She gave you examples of books, articles, etc. The reason she wants this is because it will legitimize your paper. Anybody can post anything online, but if it is actually in print it is more apt to be true.
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Carbrey Carbrey
i think of that Existentialism in writing is merely too extensive, in case you have been to apply that essay subject count number you're able to slender all of it the way down to a definite textual content cloth, or texts. out of your subjects, i might choose the two the assessment of Macbeth and Hamlet--possibly by using analyzing each and each of their tragic flaws, and how then the two texts are tragic. I additionally like the narrowness of "subjects interior the poetry of Robert Frost". i might grant some added innovations, yet i'm uncertain what you have examine or what you're fairly attracted to. possibly, study how Arthur Miller depicts the "American Dream" in "death of a keep clerk", and ,possibly upload yet another American textual content cloth. Or, concentration on alienation and isolation in cutting-factor texts or poems--alongside with: some thing by using T.S. Eliot, or Kafka. good luck.
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nicely bypass on your college internet site, then click on library and lookup scholarly journals related to area exploration. in case you're close to the library then in basic terms walk there and ask the librarian for instructions on looking scholarly journals. discover and print out as lots information as you will discover because of fact college professors like scholarly journals better than in basic terms googling information. additionally inspect a e book or 2. Does it is going to possibly be 12 pages of text textile or 12 pages altogether? do no longer overlook the conceal internet site, precis internet site, and reference internet site. attempt to return up with some distinctive subjects decrease than area exploration to place in writing approximately additionally so as which you particularly decide on be constantly writing in actuality an identical element.

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