The lifestyle of a teenager in the 70's?

The lifestyle of a teenager in the 70's? Topic: Vinyl homework
July 16, 2019 / By Watkin
Question: I want to know EXACTLY what it was like to be a teenager in the 1970's. Not so much the disco-baller type though, more of like, the hippie-ish type, you know? (If you have any website links that's cool too) I wanna know everything from the style of clothes you wore, the kinds of things you did for fun, the food you ate, the kind of things people were for Halloween, books people read, TV, movies, everything. I have the music down pretty well though, but feel free to add on. If you
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Sage Sage | 10 days ago
my dad was a teen then. he didn't have internet or texting. they used the voice telephone that was plugged into a wall jack. also they didn't have vcr or dvd in schools and they hauled out these clunky motion picture projectors that u had to take a half hour to set up and run film into em and such. he also listened to music from vinyl discs. they still got those today tho. if u wanted to do research for homework u hadda actually go into a library to get books to take home. they wore pants with huge bellbottomed legs but tight at the waist...yuk. they watched stuff like gilligan's island sitcoms and brady bunch sitcoms on the television. and they used an aerial to receive television instead of a satellite or cable.
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Murdock Murdock
We had 8 Track that was inserted into the dashboard in the car a Rotary dial on the phone no voice messages . Bell Bottom pants were the rage & Guys wore these Nehru jackets. There were demonstrations against Vietnam War. We went to dances & movies Oh & no Cinema Plex's The TV's had rabbit ears & you had to get up & change the channels & no cable yet. We had portable radios called Boom Boxes I hope this helps a little
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Kendrick Kendrick
The 70's? autos have been authentic autos & no longer fiberglass,polyester become king,& bell bottoms have been the best. I additionally liked the television shows in that decade.Rockford archives,what's occurring,Sanford & Son,Mary Tyler Moore prepare,The Carol Burnet prepare,Threes business employer,etc.
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