Why does my little brother have a much bigger penis than me?

Why does my little brother have a much bigger penis than me? Topic: Just in case someone starts feeling too important to use
June 16, 2019 / By Dallas
Question: My little brother have been taller than me for a long time and I've kinda been used to that, it didn't bother me that much, except for him teasing me a bit sometimes. (He's 13 and 5'9, I'm 16 and 5'5) But when we were walking in the forest a few weeks ago, I had to pee, so I went a little off the path, and then he came with me, and said he also had to take a piss. He pulled out a huge penis, at least the same size, and maybe even bigger than most things I see at adult males at the gym, not that I like to see, but it's kinda unavoidable to get a few peeks. He notice that I looked at his penis, and said something like "You like what you see, brother?" jokingly. I just pretended to laugh, and I took out my own thing, and started to pee. Unfortunately my penis is on the small side. And I could see my little brother was grinning, and staring at it. I tried to stay cool, and said the same thing he said to me "You like what you see, brother?" He laughed, and replied with something like "Yeah, i def like what i see, this means I am certainly the big brother." I said that his wasn't that much bigger, but even I knew that wasn't true. And I got that prooved when he pulled out his huge thing and put it next to mine, both of us became hard, and I could see that his was easily like freaking 3 times my length and thickness. We walked home and didn't say anything on the trip, but when we came home, he entered my room with a ruler and said we had to measure. It turned out my penis is 2.3 inches (extremely small, I know) And his was like 7 inches (not very huge, but gigantic compared to mine.) Then he said "Turns out you are officially my little bro now" Now he don't treat me with respect at all, and he always calls me little brother (even in front of our parents) and I have to do things for him, like shop, clean and stuff like that. Why is he so much bigger, I know that stuff about everyone being different, but we are brothers so shouldn't we grow equally? Someone asked "2.3 erect or soft" sadly it's erect
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Austin Austin | 8 days ago
That's got to be really tough - certainly falls into the life isn't fair category. While most siblings have many things in common physically, it's not always the case. You see kids in the same family with red hair and black hair, for instance. You don't say, but it seems like with your short height and undeveloped penis that maybe you have not gone through puberty yet? My brother is about ten years older than me, but he was very small through most of school and really just grew his junior and senior year of high school. I was too young to notice but I assume his other development was similar. I started going through puberty at about 11, and was my full height by 8th grade. So just as things can be different for siblings, the onset of puberty is also different. If you have already gone through puberty, then I think you should ask your parents to let you see the dr about your growth. Very rarely, human growth hormone will be off, and shots are needed to help you reach your full height. You should do this soon, though, before your growth plates in your bones have closed. Simple blood tests should give a real clue as to your levels, and an endocrinologist can evaluate whether you need treatment. Do you have any especially small people in your bloodline? I don't know if your penis will ever be 7 inches, but it almost certainly will grow. It's normal for brothers to be competitive, but this seems especially cruel. Nothing seems to strike at our sense of manhood more than penis size. You don't really say what kind of person your brother is otherwise. It sounds like you enjoy doing things together. Maybe in one of the good moments you can say, "hey, can I talk to you about something important? I know you're probably just joking around, but it really bothers me when you call me little brother - especially since I saw how big your dick is compared to mine. I know I can't do anything to change it, but try to imagine how I must feel about it. Could you ease up a little on the teasing?" While that is unusually small, a penis of two inches or more is enough to provide sufficient friction on her clitoris to satisfy her sexually. Plus most women need manual or oral stimulation to reach orgasm anyway. Again, I'm sorry you're facing this unfair situation. If you can get through this, it will serve you well for overcoming many other obstacles in life, and you should have a compassion for people who are different. Good luck.
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Stop worrying about the size of your penis. You are very near average. As noted in other answers there are no exercises, pumps, or pills or herbs that are going to change the size of your penis or your mate's vagina. Most of the products and techniques on the market are ideas to appeal to what they think you want and for the idea, they take you money and will not give it back no matter what the ads say. Here is some good information which may or may not lift your irrational self esteem. Here are the major studies (where someone other than the subject does and reports the measurements: self reporting adds about an inch to the results) which are taken on males of age 19 or above: Journal of Urology (1996?) L12.9 cm (5.08"), International Journal of Impotency (1998?) 13.6 cm (5.35"), and LifeStyles Condoms (2002?) 14.9 cm (5.9"): range nearly an inch (conclusion: most are between 5-6.5": less is small; more is big (not huge), p. 50 Flaccid 3.5" and Erect 6" (like me): another Soft 3" and 5" hard, 2" soft and 4.5" (225%), p. 51 this dude is 5.5", p. 51 The results from three studies of penis size where the measurements were taken in a laboratory setting give the following ranges: * Average penis length (flaccid/not erect): from 3.4 inches to 3.7 inches (8.6 cm to 9.3 cm) * Average penis length (erect): from 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches (12.9 cm to 14.5 cm) * Average penis girth (circumference when erect): from 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches (8.8 cm to 10 cm). Next, you do not really want to have a large penis unless you will be walking around in a men's shower room all the time and comparing yourself to other males. Only then might it be of some advantage to have a large penis: but even then, who, male or female, wants to give head to a penis that makes you want to chock and gag. Does not sound like fun to me. What most guys worrying about their manhood fail to realize is that no discussion of penis size is complete without a discussion of vagina size: A key to good sex is match because vagina sizes vary just as penis sizes vary. You want to be a fit or match for a good number of women (not every women in the world): most women's vagina start out at 3" to 5" unarroused and expand under arousal in a inverse manner like flaccid penises (growers vs. showers) 200% for smaller ones and as little as 25% for larger ones so that 70% can handle a average L6" and 4.7" girth penis with pleasure. Length of the average unaroused vagina according to several textbooks I've read, the length of the vagina should be 3-4 inches long (7-10cm) (ref: Tim Chard, Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynecology)Golfcrazie 03:32, 23 August 2007 (UTC) Other studies and articles I've read the unaroused and unpenetrated vagina is from 2-4 inches long (3" on average). Measurements are slightly different depending on whether you're measuring across the anterior or posterior wall, and position women is in (e.g. sitting, standing, etc...). (Comment: if 3" and increases 100% that gives only 6" max (but showers/growers may apply here and that being smaller vaginas may be able to increase a bit more percentage wise than large ones; clearly a 6-7" capacity would easily accommodate the average penis). The vagina has a cannon or barrel opening of about 2" in and here are some nerves; deeper in is the back space with no nerves but where the cervix resides. Only the first two inches envelope your penis. A bigger penis will need a larger vagina to avoid soreness and pain from hitting the cervix or he will have to avoid hard pounding some ladies like and going deep. And my lady does not like manufactured lubrication: it irritates her insides. You want a match that is can be felt but not too tight and not too loose. The tightness of virgins and most new encounters is results more from the nervousness of the female than her size or your size if both are average in equipment. Now there are some ladies (about 18% more or less) who have a larger vagina and need a larger penis for a good fit. But that has nothing to do with you unless you unfortunately fall in love with one of these women and she with you. And then sex is only one aspect of life of many factors. But no woman wants to be pounded raw and they hate it when a penis hits their cervix. Finally, to have mutually satisfying sexual experiences, in addition to finding a good match for your penis, you will need love, confidence in yourself, technique and duration. Even if you don't feel like you’re the best stud in the world, when you are with a woman act like you're the best for her at that time. Learn what your woman likes and note that 60% of women especially the young ones do not climax from vaginal intercourse but from gentle manipulation of her clitoris. Learn about the clitoris. Listen to what your lady has to tell you about herself. Learn to use your tongue. And finally you must learn to last long enough for the female to throughly enjoy herself. As you grow older you will

Viola Viola
There is no explainable reason why he is bigger than you, it is just one of those random things that happen. If you have two different dads that could explain it or else you or he may have got a recessive gene that caused the discrepancy in size. I didn't have a brother, but my buddy's did and one of his older brothers had a huge penis, and the other brother was average as was my friend. They all had the same dad, they were close in age, looked very similar, had similar body's but the one brother was just packing more in the penis department. I suppose it would be worse if you are older and are smaller than your brother, but it still is a bummer for the brothers who aren't as endowed. Girls heard and talked about the older brother being huge and they assumed the other brothers were too. It was hard for my buddy and his average brother to overcome that rumor, but they still did alright. They weren't small or anything, just not HUGE like the other guy. Don't sweat it dude. Guys with big johnson's aren't always the best guys in bed so you just have to work a little harder which girls appreciate.
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Shanene Shanene
nope we dont grow equally . all depends on your genes and how they where offered to you. now really you let your little brother boss you. come one. he might be taller or have a bigger penis. but you are still the big brother . he cant out rule the fact you are older than him . now. that you react as you did worries me more. man, you are l6 will have to start to act a little more mature. fist how big is a penis has not really that much importance other than for the males to boost about such things. its like they think that a bigger one is more useful than a shorter one. and its totally false. as you will get older will realize that its much what you can do with it that matters than the side of it. Still take your position as a big brother if he keeps making the clown . tell you parents about it. he is younger and needs to keep his place. best way to teach younger siblings is with patient and love. wish you the very best. take good care emy
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Opal Opal
This Site Might Help You. RE: Why does my little brother have a much bigger penis than me? My little brother have been taller than me for a long time and I've kinda been used to that, it didn't bother me that much, except for him teasing me a bit sometimes. (He's 13 and 5'9, I'm 16 and 5'5) But when we were walking in the forest a few weeks ago, I had to pee, so I...
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Magnolia Magnolia
Don't worry about it, people just get growth spurts at different times, and plus size honestly doesn't matter to us girls..so don't worry about that side of it. And as for him making you do things for him, maybe you could talk to your dad or another male family member that you trust? He could talk to your brother and make him stop being a jerk. But if you don't wanna talk to anyone about it, then just say to your brother that you don't like it, and you want him to stop. If he is a good brother, he should stop. Hope this helped!
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Kestrel Kestrel
haven't i seen this story on here before? not all men are created equal, neither are all brothers. Imagine how your dad is going to feel when he finds out his son is bigger than him.
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Kestrel Originally Answered: I'm fallin back n luv w/my brother(not my real brother he's my bff&smm)(bff&smm=bestfriend 4ever&so much more)
well if you think you really like him hen talk to him. the more you hang out the more you two may or may not like each other. so your problem could be solved right there if you guys find out that your just friends. however, if you both begin to like each other more, then you could have a serious problem on your hands. try to get in better terms with the parents. if he were to invite you for dinner or something then make sure your very friendly and your trying to prove yourself to them that you are good enough for their son. if you can't do that or he just feels bad to go against his parents in a way, then you may just have to give up on him. you guys should stay friends but im sure that there are other guys in your school. and if you're turning 18 then you'll probably be off to college soon anyway so maybe its not the best idea to be looks for a soul mate or anything because college can certainly put a damper in a relationship. but then again, if your going to the same college then maybe you should just wait till then. by that point, your both adults and you should be able to date more freely and the parents may or may not have a big influence on his decisions anymore. hope i helped! =]

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