Are there any good sites for dog training?

Are there any good sites for dog training? Topic: Good website for problem solving
July 17, 2019 / By Clint
Question: My dog pees and poops on the floor and sometimes when she can't control her bladder (she is a small dog). She also is not friendly to guests. And when it is time for her to go to bed (she has a room and cage for sleeping in) she is starting to get cunning about running away and trying to keep from getting put away. She is also really bad about begging. My family refuses to put her in obedience school because they don't want to spend the money and she is 5 years old. Any sites that help me teach her myself? Okay, first of all I don't live in the UK and $8 a session is money that I don't really have to be spending. Apparently my parents would rather pick up the pee and poop rather than taking her to obedience school because I even offered to take her. As far as I am concerned she can go to a new family. I love her because she is a family pet, but I am not an animal person really and I am tired of being the one cleaning up the messes.
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Anscom Anscom | 1 day ago
One here on Dog Training => http://www.DogExpertReveal.com It answers all the questions you asked. Go to "sitemap" and then the website's "article directory" will pop out some good articles to solve your problems. This is one of the simple clean but great site I found while surfing for dog information. Many tips through free subscription in which he revealed his dog training videos for common folks.
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Tracey Tracey
Obedience classes only cost about £4 per session, usually once a week is enough. Surely they cant enjoy cleaning up dog mess all the time&having guests scared away?!If you get pocket money why don't you take her?you obviously care about your dogs well being. But try http://www.k9obedience.co.uk/ I'm sure there are hundreds more. Unfortunately everybody in the family needs to treat the dog the same way so your training may fall on deaf ears. Good luck:)
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Sadie Sadie
Re Potty training: You just need time, consistency, and patience. When she is roaming freely, make sure to supervise her 100% of the time. When she looks like she is about to go (e.g. starts circling, starts looking for a coner, etc), take her outside. When she goes outside make sure to praise and treat her very well. This way she learns that going outside is a good thing, and she will repeat that behavior. When you catch her making a mistake, non-mark her (ack,ack), and take her outside right away. If she continues to go outside, praise and treat her. For potty training to work, everybody has to be very consistent and supervise her so that you can take her outside, and non-mark her when she makes mistakes. http://hubpages.com/_yarec/hub/Dog-Potty... Re Guests: Put a drag lead on her before you let the guests in. Instruct guests to ignore her (no talk, no touch, no eye-contact). No eye-contact is especially important because dogs can see that as a challenge. If your dog misbehaves, e.g. growls, bites, or jumps on guests, non-mark her (No), and stop her with the lead. Then ask her for an alternate command, e.g. "sit". If she refuses, or keeps going back after the guest, then say "timeout" and remove her to a time-out area (a safe but boring room, e.g. laundry room). Leave her in there for a couple of minutes and let her out. If she starts up again, non-mark her (ack, ack), and say time-out and put her back in time-out. This time lengthen the duration to about 10-15 minutes. Note that if your dog stops the bad behavior, make sure to praise her a lot and give her good treats. Keep this up and your dog will learn that certain behaviors get her rewards while others get her into a boring room with nothing to do. I would also ... 1. Follow the NILIF program. A great way to establish yourself as leader is through the control of resources. Don't give anything to your dog (including pets and affection) unless she does something for you first. For example ask her for a "sit" before you give her food, toys, or freedom. 2. Do obedience training. Try and do some obedience training sessions everyday. Get a good positive reinforcement obedience book, and practice with her for short sessions (10-15 minutes) every day. This will help establish you as a leader, improve your bond with your dog, exercise your dog's mind, and give you good tools that you can use to help control her in the house. Hope this helps.
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Neva Neva
Well, of course I'm going to recommend the responsible dog ownership web site I founded several years ago. While there aren't detailed training guides (save "heeling" & "housetraining"), there is a lot of information on being a responsible dog owner: http://www.goodpooch.com/MyGoodPooch/new...
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Luvinia Luvinia
take ur dog to see a vet it might be a problem with the dogs bladder all dogs beg and they have time when they are when they are puppies and they like to run away can go to pets mart the have obedient school don't teach the dog ur self its not going to work
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