What might my Bra Size be?

What might my Bra Size be? Topic: 32c is the sister size of 34a bras
June 25, 2019 / By Penney
Question: Okay, so im 12, soon to be 13.Im having issues with my bra size. I wear a 34a, and the band is just too loose. Sometimes the cup is a bit to tight, other times its alright. I have a 34a bra where the part in between both cups floats up. Also, that bra bothers me because when i lift my hands, the bra slids up nd hurts my breasts. I thought I was probably a 32B. Then, i tried on my sister's bra which is a 34B. the band size was loose. I know i need a 32 band size. But the cup was actually very comfortable. Not too tight, a little bit loose. But i liked it that way. So I might be a 32C, but honestly my boobs look kind of small. Do you think this is my bra size? And the last question is, why doesnt my mom want to get me a bigger bra? I told her my bras bothered me. I move it around constantly so she could notice. I complain, I threw some away. I basically tried everything. But its pretty clear she doesnt want to get me a larger bra. But why? thank you :) Btw, my old 32A bras fit perfectly in the band, but the cups dont fit at all I read that the if the 34b cups fit, but the band is to loose, a 32C is your size. Because the cup volume is the same. Thats why i was thinkin i was a 32C. The cups of a 34B are much more comfortable, its just the band. But then again, i might be a 32B. And what about my mom?
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Marjeta Marjeta | 1 day ago
You should try a 32C. http://confessionsofacurvygirl.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/how-to-measure-yourself-to-know-what-your-bra-size-is/
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Kristy Kristy
A 32C should fit you. You never said that the cups of the 34B were too big, you just said the bra rode up. That's a classic sign of a too large band, not a too large cup. You could try on the 32B, as others have said, but you'll find that the cups are too small. You don't have to listen to me over anybody else, just try on a lot of different sizes and styles. That will get you the best fit. Also, the center part of the bra should always lie flat against your sternum. The cups shouldn't cause any bulging, there should be a smooth transition at the edge of the cup, where the cup ends and the skin starts to show. It shouldn't cut into the breast tissue. It sounds like your mom doesn't want to admit that you're growing up. Maybe you can assure her that you'll always be her "little girl", it's just your body's changing and it's not something you can control. Making you deal with small bras won't make your boobs any smaller. Or maybe you can ask your sister for advice or help. She may have been through this before. Perhaps, while you all are in her presence, you and your sister can be talking about clothes or something and she can say "why are your bras so small? It looks weird. Why don't you just get a bigger one?", and you can respond by explaining it's really uncomfortable, maybe say you're embarrassed with how it looks under your outfits because people can tell or whatever you wanna say. Make sure your mom can hear it, though. Hopefully, it'll convince her that it's not just you wanting to be grown up. I hope I helped at all, and I hope everything goes well!
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Jeanna Jeanna
You asked this exact same question already.... If the 34B cups fit perfectly, but the band is too big, you're a 32C. 34B and 32C are sister sizes, meaning they have the same cup volume but one is on a smaller frame, so proportionally they look larger. If the 34A bra is too small, you aren't a 32B, because they have the same size cups. I explained how to measure your bra size the last time you asked, or you could just get measured at victoria's secret or where ever you will buy your next bra. But based on your information you've given, I'd say you're a 32C. Hope this helps!
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Fauna Fauna
Okay you are not a 32C. If the B cups are loose then the C's are going to be way too big. Try 32B's. Band yes cup no. You said the cup was a bit loose. God you people are idiots. Yes 32C's are sister sizes of 34B's but If your boobs do not fill a 34B completely you are NOT a C. I'm a 32C and my boobs completely fill a 34B. It's just the band that is a little too loose. Seriously do you guys know nothing of bras? Band size too big=smaller band size. Cup size too big doesn't mean go up a cup size. I swear you guys didn't even read her post.
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Coriander Coriander
Your mom probably thinks you don't need a larger bra. If a 32B was a little loose in the cup size but good in the band then you don't need a 32C. Your a 32B.
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