Police Academy and Applying?

Police Academy and Applying? Topic: Homework study areas
June 16, 2019 / By Estelle
Question: I am looking foward to going into the police academy in the tampa area in florida next year. I want to know what I should expect. I also want to know when i complete how difficult will it be to get a job? what kind of questions are asked on polygraph tests? and how would i get into the k9 field of police work.
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Claribel Claribel | 1 day ago
Polygraph tests attempt to determine if you have been truthful or deceptive when answering your background questionaire. They will cover all the areas you've already been questioned on. Most departments place heavy emphasis on determining what type of drug history you have (if any). The academy will be demanding and you'll have lots of homework so be prepared to spend a lot of extra time studying at home (as well as recuperating from physical excercise). I can't help you with job placement, as in my State, you get hired first, then go to the academy.
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Bea Bea
police academy is sorta tough, alot of pressure put on you on purpose. Amost everyone who graduates gets a job, most have offers before they finish if they are not already hired when they go into it. polygraph, they ask you to verify what is on your job application. they will cover drug usage heaviest normally. You start as a patrol officer most other jobs will require a few years experience before you can even put in for other positions.
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Adelle Adelle
they ask if you have ever stolen anything. they ask several questions, just answer them honestly. as far as getting into k-9. my dept. requires at least three years on the road before even thinking about applying for a specialized division. certain ones, like swat, k-9, homicide, want even more years of experience.
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Adelle Originally Answered: When you go to a police academy DO YOU PAY THEM OR DO THEY PAY YOU?
In TX, most police departments want people who are already certified peace officers. You need to pay to go to the academy, and then when you are a certified peace officer they will consider you for application for a job. It may not be this way in the big cities like Dallas or Houston, but in most of the small towns in East Texas it is this way. Every police job I have seen advertised stated that you must be TCLEOSE certified to apply.

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