How can I balance out Freshman Year?

How can I balance out Freshman Year? Topic: Study groups for homework
June 16, 2019 / By Nedabiah
Question: Here's my situation: I'm hyped up for High School, hope to get good grades, want to join clubs, etc. However I still have my great love for gaming. I turn in homework on time and study for tests, however sometimes due to my time gaming I may lose a few points off because I didn't study efficiently or something else. Is there a way I may be able to play video games and excel through 9th Grade? In other words, How can I play video games and do well in Freshman Year?
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Kevin Kevin | 2 days ago
If anything, I would highly recommend one thing to all college students: "Get a note calendar template pad". Without it, your first year as a freshmen is going to be hectic; there are vocations, hanging out time with friends, study group, club fairs, etc. any events you want to keep track of. And, for the most part, it'll keep you organized so you don't miss any deadlines; you just need to flip through your calender. ~David
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Hudde Hudde
get your priorities straight, thats what i did, i flunked 9th grade but flew through 10-12th because i got it through my head that gaming CAN wait, gaming is actually not meant for minors, once you have a job and your life is set, thats when gaming is not a killer ~ finish your homework, study efficiently THEN you can game~ not to sound like your parents or anything lol if you cant get it right, make your parents take your system or turn off the internet or somethin till you show them your HW and they quiz you
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Enoch Enoch
Best formula is to try and limit yourself to only playing after you've done all your homework and reviewed stuff for 1 hour, don't play later than 10pm either, the later you play the longer it'll take for you to fall asleep. Also, on the weekends try to review and study a bit also.
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