Does anyone else believe that humanity has a dystopic future? (repost)?

Does anyone else believe that humanity has a dystopic future? (repost)? Topic: Term paper on global warming
June 25, 2019 / By Marko
Question: I can't help believe that advances in technology, e.g. ipads where you can download films and books etc, are huge steps in the wrong direction. I think this because accessories such as these are making things easier, so much so that in the long term future there will be no point in going to a bookshop or even a Blockbuster because everything will be downloaded via the internet. The music industry is already suffering. On top of this when robots are introduced into our society not only will they put every human being out of work (everything done by computers), they are going to make people lazy. Its obvious to me that eventually we will be able to get what we want by the touch of a button, or not even that our brain receptor cells meaning that there's less of not no need to have any limbs at all. If we want anything the robot can get it for us, for example. And where do I start with population growth or global warming? The endangered species of animals that we have caused? Resources running out (oil, amazon rainforest etc)? The failing war on terror in the middle east making a nuclear war inevitable? Abortion made more available meaning more embryos being destroyed? Test tube babies and designer babies? Where are our traditional morals going? I can see humanity in the long term future consisting of just a brain and a pair of eyes in front of a computer screen, with no need for limbs because robots and machines are doing everything for us, before the robots get too intelligent and start turning against us. Our traditional values as a species are being ruined by Apple and Microsoft, and i want to stop it. Eventually computers are going to take over everything, and its only a matter of time before they take us over. To say the least i have cut this very short, but I don't want to make this too long to read.
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Jermaine Jermaine | 10 days ago
I agree with all you have to say: the internet being a huge step towards a horrible future, though it was created for good intentions, too! Many of the jobs rely on technology these days, as do teenagers for their own greedy needs. The way they waste their time on the internet is by speaking to their friends, interacting with multiple others, completely ignorant to what's going on around them. Technology is only getting better and that takes humanity one notch down! Robots are always a possibility, in many ways their here already (vehicles, mobiles, etc)! The computer will eventually destroy the invention of paper, I'm sure of that, meaning books and the sort will all disappear. Literature from different centuries wiped off from the Earth, and the crowds may not even notice. It's a sad thought; technology, the thing we created, used as a way to lead us one step closer to a horrible dystopia. Anyways, I could rant for so long about this, there's so much to say about this! So many different things that could and are affecting our world in terrible ways like this. I'm wondering though, what made you think of this, asker?
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They should prevent us from making similar mistakes, although they also have a reverse effect. For example UFO enthusists often side H.G. Well's "War of the Worlds" (and the radio broadcast) as a reason why the general public whould be deemed unready for information concerning aliens. Plato's Atlantis has probably misled people for years on whatever he was really refering too. Logan's Run and Soylent Green (Make Room, Make Room) are probably some of the my favorite B movies about dystopian futures. But the really scary thing is our immenient dystopian future: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megacity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malthusian_catastrophe And one of Wikipedia's scariest articles: WATER!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water
Jermaine Originally Answered: Is there a value in dystopic novels?
Very much so. They are a good type of book to really get you thinking. Most dystopic novels are what is called speculative fiction. They take a problem or issue from the present and project it into the future and see how the future will be affected by it. Or they satirize current problems by creating dystopic situations. ' Have you read The Road?? Absolutely amazing book. Also The Handmaid's Tale, Vernon God Little ... there are so many. They really help you to look at society's ills of today and think about how much worse things will be in the future if we don't do something to change now. Pax- C
Jermaine Originally Answered: Is there a value in dystopic novels?
I would argue that they have as much value as utopian novels. Dystopic novels are no more realistic than utopian novels, but they are certainly interesting. Perhaps more than utopian novels, dystopian novels are better indicators of what we're headed toward. Think of the double speak in 1984. Have you read The Children of Men by P.D. James? Excellent book. They made a movie of it, but I haven't seen it yet, so I can't recommend it.

Giffard Giffard
nicely, human beings used to declare the comparable factor approximately automobiles - no you could actually ever stroll everywhere or get any excercise... and now human beings run and stroll for excitement :) i don't think of that our ethical values could degrade plenty that we alter into purely a concepts and eyes in front of a show show screen. and, even however purely about all those little contraptions are quite ineffective so far, besides being exciting to play with, ultimately our technologies will bring about a much greater significant discovery, like anti-gravity or time-commute or a thank you to communicate telepathically or something so magnificent that we ought to not even choose little machines anymore to help us stay to tell the tale and stay gentle.
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Dude, your name is Alfonso, you use no words with more than two syllables, you think soulja boy spits hard, and your avatar is wearing a santa hat (it's july). No thanks. Keep at it though.

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