Does this summary sound ok? (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)?

Does this summary sound ok? (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)? Topic: The sisterhood of traveling pants
July 16, 2019 / By Melody
Question: I am working on the reading fair right now and this is my summary. Just so you know, it is not supposed to be very specific, but yet let you know what the jist of the story is. here you go! Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bridget had been best friends since birth, and have always been together during the past summers. For the very first time ever, they are being separated. Even though they are upset that they will not be together, each of the girls are excited to be going somewhere. When they find a pair of ordinary blue jeans in a thrift shop, they are tempted to try them on. When they do, the friends discover that they magically fit all of the differently shaped girls. In an attempt to keep in touch, they set up a system where they ship the jeans to each other throughout the summer. As they all battle problems, the jeans are really the only comfort Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget have. Death, family and love is quickly making them miss each other even more, but the jeans still make the rounds between each girl. As the summer ends, Lena finds love, Tibby finds the meaning of friendship, Carmen finds family, and Bridget finds reality. The road they traveled was hard, but somehow, the girls made it with the jeans.
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Leia Leia | 4 days ago
its really good but it sounds kind of like you didn't write it yourself. does your teacher (or whoevers judging the reading fair) think your a good writer? if you are then this is perfect.
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Leia Originally Answered: The sisterhood of the traveling pants?
Summary: Four girls are going to be seperated for the first time during summer vacation. Tibby bought pants and magically it fits all them perfectly. They decide to send to each other during vacation. Lina is going to Rome and meets a boy there. Tibby stays at home and works on a suckumentary. Bee goes to soccer camp and meets Eric. Cameron visits her dad, but finds out he is going to be married. In the end, they all have their own adventures and the pants is the connection to each other.
Leia Originally Answered: The sisterhood of the traveling pants?
What book are you talking about? Because there are a few books in the series. If you are talking about just a rough over view of it then this might help: Beginning: 4 best friends find a pair of jeans that fit all of them. They are all different shapes and sizes, but somehow this pair of jeans fit them all. Middle: The girls go separate way during the Summer. They send the jeans around to each other. There are rules of how they have to wear the jeans and what not to do when wearing the jeans. Before sending the jeans on to the next person, they have to write a letter about what happened when they wore the jeans. Ending: The girls' Summer is over and they are reunited in their home town. Hope this helps. Good luck
Leia Originally Answered: The sisterhood of the traveling pants?
yeah i kind of agree with you. ultra star (google it) has cheap prices like $5.00 a ticket on tuesdays for the 10:00 showing and all day tuesday after the first showing is $6.50????ask someone for 5 bucks or earn some money or collect change around the house? Youtube probably has the movie in scenes......It was a good movie I liked carmens story the most

Jonette Jonette
Ahh so many places I will list them :) Sydney, Australia Atlanta, Georgia Brockville, Canada Oahu, Hawaii The United Kingdom Wales El Salvador Bulgaria I could go on further :) I am a Leo Moon I do not know my 9th House Placements and no...I have not been away from home for long periods of time.. :)
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Jonette Originally Answered: Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2?
Wow....its not like its coming in theaters. Or does it come out in theaters? It comes on ABC Family. Dont waste your money when you can just sit at home and watch it on tv. Why would you ask this question if youve seen the first one? Have you even seen the first one? Nobody even watches this movie or the first one. It looks boring. People always ask everyone "Have you seen The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2???" the person says "No. I havent even seen the first one". Trust me, by the looks of it, there are no bad parts. Its a family movie, so any can see it.
Jonette Originally Answered: Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2?
Nah, it's rated PG-13, isn't it? I think it shows a lot of things that a 13-year-old should be exposed it, like how to handle someone trying to sabotage your success and the consequences of not-so-safe sex. There's minimal (if any) cursing, no violence, etc. You never see people do much more than make out a little. Also, there's a naked male model for a drawing class, but you don't see anything naughty.

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