What are good LONG anime series that are good time killers?

What are good LONG anime series that are good time killers? Topic: Just in case series
June 16, 2019 / By Rose
Question: i have seen all the top 10 anime ex. one piece, bleach, naruto, death note, dbz, inuyasha,soul eater, katekyoushi hitman reborn, etc. i am looking for a series that is long, entertaining, has supernatural, and tons of fighting. leave multiple series just in case i have seen them. thanks
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Best Answers: What are good LONG anime series that are good time killers?

Muriel Muriel | 6 days ago
ok well these are just some i know: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Fairy Tail Letter Bee Kyo Kara Maoh Beelzebub
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Muriel Originally Answered: Good anime series to watch?
since you didn't specify what you liked im gonna tell u what i liked: Higurashi no noku koru ni (bloody/gore, psycological) historys strongest deciple kenichi (martial arts, comedy) yu yu hakusho (fighting, spiritual powers) konjiki no gash bell (comedy, sepcial powers) hetalia axis power (comedy, historical(WW2)) hunter x hunter (fighting, special power) CLANNAD (relationship, school, comedy) Afro samurai (fighting/martial arts, bloody) magician's academi (magic, comedy) Golden boy (comedy)
Muriel Originally Answered: Good anime series to watch?
Code geass The law if ueki Durarara Higurashi no naku koro ni Angel beats! One piece Elfen lied Trigun Claymore

Lolicia Lolicia
Ive seen all the ones you've listed and i love them I DEFINITELY recommend Fairy Tail, i love it !! awesome characters and fighting!! so far its about 126 episodes. Another really awesome anime is Beelzebub, there are 60 eps. it's completed. it is REALLY REALLY FUNNY. and has some good fights too :D that's all i can think of right now :D
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Karyn Karyn
Watch Fairy Tail! don't let the name put you off i was like that at first, it's the next big thing trust me, judging by your list you're into the same kind of anime that i like so TRUST ME go watch Fairy Tail you wont be disappointed.
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Karyn Originally Answered: Help?! What is a good romance, long chapter, humor manga series? Easy points?
Well, first i go to the site and it's easy. I recommend www.citymanga.com Find a book u read with romance in it & click it and the book has like genres and stuff so click the genre you wanna find (usually u find romance in the genre called "smut") and b4 i start reading books I first look how many ch. there are and then click on it and look if it's ongoing or complete ( i go for complete ones) and maybe the list i'm going to give maybe has a little less chapters but it still romance, i only read romance books. some of them are ongoing and some of them are too long like gauken alice 180 something chapters.. my list -vampire knight ( good ) anime and manga are good -rockin' heaven ( also good ) -absolute boyfriend ( really really good and kind of funny at the beginning ) -meru puri (it's funny and really kinda romantic) -midnight secretary ( for me I loved it ) it ranks 92 of 2469 in citymanga -desire climax (i read it and i liked it) 32 of 2469 -imadoki -cat street ( idk about this haven't read it yet and its 233 of 2469 -cutie boy ( idk,too about this but it's rank is 136 of 2469 -heart no kuni no alice ( its ongoing but i'm still loving it) -othello (idk about this one either) * some of them i haven't read it yet,but it looks interesting to me -brilliant magic (almost 20 chapters -beauty pop (i really had fun w/it -billion girl (idk and its ongoing -billion princess (same here with the top of it -idol shopping ( ongoing and i don't know either rank is pretty good -it's not like that,darling (only 14, but i really liked it) -max lovely (still reading since i don't have time -kyou koi wo hajimemasu ( still ongoing and the rank is 50 -random walk only little less chapters but i think it would be okay. -barajou no kiss ( another one) -penguin brothers ( haven't read it yet, but i think it's okay -nadeshiko club ( haven't finished but it's really interesting -special a ( really really good) anime too rank is 5 -kaichou wa maid-sama -love monster (i LOVED it) -i dont think u would really like this, but " red river " is ranking 22 and i kinda don't like historical but oh well just look LOL -did i say ouran high school host club -fruits basket ( seen the anime first, so i didn't read the manga version of it) -bitter virgin ( liked it) -hana kimi ( people said its good but i still don't know) -wild ones ( still ongoing and the ranking is pretty nice -i think i haven't listed charisma doll and also a little less chapters I think that's pretty much i could think of.. i don't expect that u haven't read all of this, but these are some manga's i liked, but some of them i haven't read it yet and i'm aiming to read it during christmas vacation... sorry for some of them because there are maybe little less on what you expected, but i still wrote it and lastly HOPE YOU ENJOY IT AND MAYBE YOU COULD FIND MORE BOOKS THAN THE ONE I LISTED GO TO WWW.CITYMANGA.COM THAT IS WHERE I FIND ALL THE BOOKS THAT I LISTED..

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