Traveling on plane with toddler, what to pack?

Traveling on plane with toddler, what to pack? Topic: Game case shelf
July 20, 2019 / By Judith
Question: In a couple of months we'll be going to Florida with our 3.5 year old. Last time we flew on a plane with him he was 3 weeks old and slept the entire flight. I got a connecting flight just to give him a chance to get off the plane and walk around for a couple of hours. My question is what should I pack for him? I've read a lot of articles of people suggesting we pack books and his favorite toys. Others suggest we pack very little because everything will get thrown under the seats or lost. I have an iPad in which he has a folder of educational apps which he likes and is entertained. I will download more educational apps before we leave and that he has not seen. I think I might download a few movies just in case, but am concerned if they will play on the plane. Also less carry on baggage. Any other suggestions? Our nephew has a nintendo dsi and my son is absorbed in the Mario game, but I think that might be pushing it with so many electronics for such a little guy. TIA!
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Ginger Ginger | 2 days ago
I took my daughter on a plane last summer when she was 3 1/2 and we packed very little. The iPad sounds like a great idea, I packed a Nintendo DS, but that's just what we had, if he has a few games that he loves and a new movie (or an old favorite) that should keep him occupied for several hours. Just don't forget to bring headphones! I would also bring some gum and/or hard candies to help him pop his ears and bring a small water bottle (bring it empty and fill it once you get past security). I would also bring handi-wipes and a favorite blankie or snuggle toy. Keep in mind, also, that airports don't usually have child friendly food or drinks. Because you are traveling with a toddler you can bring extra liquids as long as they are in sealed containers. I brought a few juice boxes and a few single serve boxes of shelf stable milk (I used Horizon, but I think there are other brands as well) as well as an empty sippy cup and a few sturdy snacks (fruit snacks, granola bars and Wasa crackers).
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Denisa Denisa
Hi there traveling with toddlers can be super easy if done right.. Im only 16 but I have been on 200+ planes and have been on atleast a 150 international flights and about 40 that are 20hrs+ and my first flight was when I was 3 weeks old and my sister who is 4 has been on like 45 planes and about 25 that are international and a dozen that are 20 hrs+ and me or my siblings have always been good flyers (even when me and my brother were toddler according to my dad) and my sister has never cried on a plane except once and she had a double ear infection. A few things you should pack are - your iPad download a few extra apps and don't let him have them till the flight and if you download your movies before you fly you can watch them. Also download some music as well - his favorite books maybe you could get him a kids book on his destantion - a sweater or jacket for the little guy - his favorite stuffed toy or blanket whatever is his comfort objects are - kid friendly headphones (for the music and movies) cause not all airlines have them for free and they are not designed with kids heads in mind - some toys he has make sure they are not loud people and flight crew don't take well to noisy toys and make sure they don't have small pieces don't want to spend the whole flight picking up pieces of the airplane seat and floor. - a few snacks since depending on the airline and length of flight food may not be served - a small pillow for him to sleep on - make sure he is wearing comfortable clothes preferably layers in case he gets cold or hot and also good pair of shoes - his favorite drink make sure you buy this once you clear security since they will take it away if it's over 3.4oz (100ml) -a few change of clothing since kids can be messy and its nice to change after a long flight and this comes in handy in case they lose your luggage I hope I could help you and your son and safe travels :)
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Callidora Callidora
Travelling with tots doesn't have to be complicated… play it out like a normal car ride, what would you bring for your child on a road trip? Books, movies, electronics, games… these things can be really helpful and extremely heavy. It's be very smart to bring things your child seems to need within an hour (or however long your trip is) like snacks (if allowed), a drink or juice, if it's near nap time a blanket may be helpful or a favourite teddy can help calm him down. Does he fall asleep when you read to him or while listening to music? Think about things that apply to your boy and even ask him what he would like to bring… maybe a favourite toy. I'm not sure if you've already seen this article but it seemed to help a friend of mine a lot: http://www.parenting.com/gallery/50-ways-entertain-kids-plane?viewFull=true Hope this helped a bit, Kat
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Alyse Alyse
Fav books, coloring book, hot wheels, book of mazes to do. Boy I baby sit is 3 1/2 and that's what he brings.
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