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Applying at McDonald's? Topic: Big 5 jobs application
June 16, 2019 / By Phrona
Question: Kay so I'm 15 and i applied at McDonald's for a job 5 days ago. I was wondering how long it will take for them to tell me if i got a interview with them? Do they tell you if you don't get the job or interview ? How much do they pay in Toronto? And i gave in my resume to the manager and told her my availability but was she suppose to give me a application to fill out? I'm so so so sorry for all the questions :/ but please try to answer them. thanks : )
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Marybeth Marybeth | 3 days ago
Kay, don't apologize for asking questions, your 15 looking for your first job and need advice.The first thing I am wondering is what is the minimum age to work in Toronto? Some places require you to be 16 in order to get a work permit. If you don't know find out.If it actually is 15 go back to McDonald's or any other fast food place and ask at the front counter for an application, some places have them under the counter, so they don't have to call the Manager.( do this when it is Not busy)Its possible that the counter person will then get the Manager.Always get the application fill it out completely and turn it in WITH your resume, that way they stay together.Who knows where the one is you turned in the other day!This Manager sounds to me she was a bit ticked about being bothered.It may take a few weeks for an opening, this isn't unusual not to hear anything for a while.In the mean time put apps. in other places , don;t wait and hope for just this job.When someone is hiring they will call you and set up an interview time, most places only call IF you get the job.I know some places are required to keep all apps. on file for a year( not sure about Canada)However it never hurts to check up on your app. Just don't make a pest of yourself, Managers like the one you talked to might figure if your a pain now,you'd be a bigger one if hired.If you know what I mean?. Put in several apps. in different places and Good Luck.
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Marybeth Originally Answered: McDonald's Hiring Manager?
Hi Isaiah. Your notes above are great! You are def on the right path. Just follow it up with the fact that you are very excited about the opportunity. Following up on a job is the right thing to do and, in the fast food market, the managers do like the energy that you put into it. Regarding what time to call, call between 2-4 and if the manager isn't there, ask if they know when he/she will be back so that you can call back. If they don't know or state they can't give this info out, then leave your name, why you are calling, and your phone number. Kudos to you!!

Lana Lana
My 17 year old brother works at McDonalds. He gets paid like 7 dollars an hour. He did not interview. You will probably get a call about a week after applying.
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Jera Jera
You first need to find out if McD will hire a 15 year old, even if its ok under the law to hire, they may choose not to, in the Burger King I work at we prefer to hire 16 and over since under that age the work permits are very strict and dont allow kids to do a lot of things like work with machinery that can cause some kind of harm. The other thing i wanted to say is please do not sit and wait for them to call you, keep applying at other places, dont forget you are not the only person looking for a job, also they may be looking for someone with a profile different from yours. your best bet to find a job is to try a zillion places. (preferably look in places you would like to work at)
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Flo Flo
I would keep calling them untill they tell you when its possible for an interview. Im not sure how much they pay in Toronto bc im from Florida, and they start you off at minimum wage which is about 7.23 per hour. Hope this helps
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Daisy Daisy
they do no longer seem to be going to easily positioned you contained in thechronic through line with none guidance!!!!! you would be knowledgeable for a week i think of... and after that in case you're doing super and that they are in a position to have confidence you they're going to!!! I wirked there 6 month and happy i'm no longer htere to any extent further! exceedingly lots working there they're going to positioned you on each thing. you would be doing fryes too...;))) and that is sucks and you would be so warm! The scent from McDonalds would be with you for all time . i became washing my hair on a daily basis!!!!~! with the aid of fact of scent!!!! yet i'm hoping you would be happy there! i became no longer. They have been reducing mu hours...i could no longer artwork on weekends and that what I advised them on my intervie yet then after 2-3 month they do no longer care you wiol artwork anyplace they choose which you would be able to! So...think of stable till now to make your determination. I heard Taco Bell is a lot extra perfect in case you're in seek of working for on the spot nutrition resturant! stable success.
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Daisy Originally Answered: McDonald's Interview Tomorrow?
Don't sweat the details. I'm sure whatever they use to record time will be easy to use. They will give you all the details in due time. Forget the paper... Why did you pick McD's? McDonald's is the top of the fast food industry. Be enthusiastic...speak clearly...Dress neatly. Flowers in Winter's answer is wrong... If there is ice on the floor..pick it up...wipe the floor...take charge. Flowers must be in a union.

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