How to eat fish in france?

How to eat fish in france? Topic: Computer case styles
July 21, 2019 / By Kristi
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Jean Jean | 7 days ago
i've got all started my son at around 7 months with Salmon and he enjoyed it! mixed with potatoes, carrots, broccoli etc, a sprint of warmth milk ( allowed in cooking) and he asked for extra! Fish is extra desirable than nice for toddlers that have been weaned on solids for a on an analogous time as. We supply them meats and animal proteins too! I in basic terms stay removed from tuna till he's older for the mercury content cloth, and fish hands too, they are nasty.
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Faithe Faithe
What on earth is all that garbage? The French don't eat fish any different than the rest of the world.
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Conradine Conradine
wow dude..... either your copying some website and their the nerd or its just you trying to SPREAD UR NERDYNESS to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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