What makes an individual believe definitively that there is no God?

What makes an individual believe definitively that there is no God? Topic: Make a conclusion
July 20, 2019 / By Corynn
Question: Is it justifiable to conclude that there is no God without first employing the appropriate methodologies that allow us to come to knowledge of God? Isn't it a bit naive to seek God, Who is beyond logic and reason, with logic and reason? Have those who have come to the conclusion that this is no God followed the method of purification of heart from egotistical passions and impurities? Be honest. Are the Saints all liars? Are theists so deluded as to believe in a God that does not communicate with us in any kind of tangible way? I am talking from an (Eastern Orthodox) Christian perspective. These arguments might not hold true in the same way in other theistic religions (Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc). I am not knowledgeable enough to argue their positions, nor do I care to, as it would make no sense for me to do so. Just wondering what other people thing on this topic. Personally I believe that those who do not believe in God are unwilling to try such an anti-self methodology for whatever reason or are unfamiliar with it. Where is my error? I have yet to see an example of a person who has earnestly followed the way the Saints describe and has not understood the evidence brought forth. Is the revealed system just so distasteful to some? How does one know whether the fruit is sweet or bitter if they have not taken a taste? I hope to come to an understanding eventually. (Sorry to ramble on) +God Bless I'm not implying that there is no evidence to be found. It's just not scientific in nature. The fruits of proper Christian askesis are evident to the person who follows the system. God is known through the heart. One may find that this kind of "knowledge" is more real and more evident that other kinds. I don't mean knowledge here in a gnostic sense, rather it's more of an understanding of the person's situation as illuminated by the Grace of God.
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Bethney Bethney | 3 days ago
Are the methodologies that you use to come to a conclusion of a god proper or are they just good enough for you? If you present conclusive factual concrete proof for your beliefs I would come to your side of believing. Why is it more important to make use of rhetoric and opinion to elicit belief?
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Aglæca Aglæca
This question, and others like it, often use the word "heart". I think it is being used as a metaphor, but I really would like a precise definition - one that doesn't also use more metaphors - but rather uses a noun or nouns that speak most directly of what is being addressed. I don't understand propositions such as these: "God is known through the heart" "God followed the method of purification of heart" Obviously, the questioner doesn't mean the blood pumping organ, but what does he/she mean? The personality? The mind? A person's emotional makeup? A part of a person's function that is within the cognitive - or apart from it? Could someone clarify this? (without metaphors).
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Tim Tim
I have come to the conclusion that none of us make up our minds in accordance with evidence. Rather we pursue a goal and that goal either requires God or it requires the absence of God and there is no middle ground. If our goal is to know the perfect love that our Creator must have had for us, then we will pursue that love and to do that, we must "hold as true" that our Creator exists. If our goal is to avoid any authority over us who would tell us how to live our lives, then we will pursue that goal and to do that ,we must "hold as true" that no such authority exists. To "hold as true" is the definition of believe. There is a powerful conflict within all of us, it is the love of our Creator versus the authority of our Creator. But we must choose.
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Ralphie Ralphie
What makes people believe there are no lepracauns What makes people believe there are no ghost People tend to believe what their parents/peers push on them from birth How many native Americans, Aboriginies or Eskimoos believed in a guy named Moses before the Europeans came to town. Do people really believe in God or do they believe those who told them there was a God? How can any one believe in any thing or any being that has never manifested it's self? Other than in a dream or while on drugs, the visions or thoughts of any thing/being is even considered. How can any one believe in any thing unless they have witnessed it first hand or they believe it through hearsay?
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Marmaduke Marmaduke
I believe in God, know there is a God of sorts (I do not know him well). But my husband has considered himself an atheist most of his life. I believe some people have scientific minds and need evidence. It will take witnessing a miracle to change them.
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