Need advice please.?

Need advice please.? Topic: How to write a letter to get your ex husband back
June 16, 2019 / By Sukie
Question: Ok, I just found an email to a girl that my husband used to work with here in our hometown (he's currently overseas right now) and it has me kinda bothered. (i'm guessing she moved after she got out of the service) I'm currently pregnant with our third child and maybe I'm just a little hormonal but for some reason this letter is bugging me. He wrote that he heard a rumor at the new years party overseas that she is living back here and he hopes it's true so when he gets back they can hang out. This is not the first time I have caught him doing this either. The last deployment he was on I was informed by a friend that he was writing to an ex and telling her how much he misses her and wants to be with her... (I have since gotten "over" it and confronted both of them about it) But back to the new email. What should I do? Am I just being overly paranoid or should I be worried? He also asked her to email him some pictures when she wrote back. Please serious answers only.
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Rachyl Rachyl | 7 days ago
Hmmm.. i wouldn't worry too much as he's asking you to send pictures.. but then again men can be quite daft. I dont think that you're paranoid at all, but it should be ok for him to have female friends, but there is a limit of what he should say to them. Like, ''i really miss you'' that can't really be right, can it. When he gets back discuss it with him calmly, dont rant and rave as you may be over reacting and there could be a reasonable explaination. Write down all the questions you need to know and when he gets back, ask him calmly. Hope i helped xxxx good luck xxx
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Melinda Melinda
It sounds like he got out of line in the previous thing with a different girl.( saying he missed her and wants to be with her). That is surely influencing how you feel now about this other girl. It is possible that it is all innocent, also possible that it is not. I would just keep an eye on that ( maybe not tell him you found the email). He may be up to nothing ( its not really wrong to want to hang out with a friend or even see pics). But, keep an eye on him to make sure he doesnt get all crazy like before. good-luck. :)
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Leatrice Leatrice
In today's society, men and women are in the military and fighting equally in war. If you don't already know this, people who are joined together this way and have a priority to save each others life grow extremely close. They have to because you have to trust the person you entrust your life with. Not only that, but the military teaches you to depend on your fellow officers. Don't be alarmed that this person happens to be a woman. Watch what is happening but don't make a big issue out of it. Hey, ask him if she would like to come over for a BBQ or something and make friends with her and hang out. You have to learn to respect those that were at one point in time responsible for your spouses life. I know it may not seem that extreme to you but it is true. My father is a Vietnam vet and he has a reunion every year with these men and their wives and sometimes their children. The camaraderie is unlike anything I have ever seen. In addition, firemen and policemen have this same bond. They serve together, they understand each other, they understand the same job, and most importantly they are bound together as brothers and in your husbands case sisters.
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Joi Joi
Hello Mommytobe, First, you have my empathy that you seem to have no friends to discuss this with and feel you have to "find" things your partner has sent etc. Maybe you could short-circuit all this and, despite being expecting, treat yourself to some enjoyable activities that stimulate you, get you out of the house a bit and feed your soul. Perhaps join an interesting activity of some sort, new hobby etc. On the home front: I would look MY partner in the eye if I were in your shoes, and simply ask them outright if I had anything to be concerned with. If I later found out they had lied they would lose me. I am worth more than being lied to as I don't tell my partner lies. Best wishes for a sound resolution to this, including offspring No III :-)
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Gaynor Gaynor
My husband and I have an ex of his that wants to "hang out" with us. My husband right off the bat said, NO! He wants nothing to do with this girl. It sounds like your husband is fishing and that is not a good thing. Asking for someones pictures (especially an ex's) is not a good sign. I really think that you have every right to worry and that you and your husband need some marriage counseling. If he has done this before, I really wouldn't wait around for him to do it again.
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Debs Debs
Since he has done this before and is repeating then I would say yes you should be worried. Do what you can to prepare a private bank account that he doesn't know about. And be strong....and not paranoid about this...But I see this as getting worse over time and he has children to contend with for the rest of his life as do you. I would put a smile on my face and a brick wall up to my feelings and work on the changes in your life you could very well be facing. Confronting him again is now fruitless....I would not let him know that you know....but make copies of the emails and keep in a hidden place. You see that is intent.....whether he does Hang with this gal, or the last....doesn't matter...he has been thinking about it....and that is the demise of your marriage......by him....His choice.....His heart isn't in the marriage with you....Be strong, be aware and good luck.....work on the private finances....skimp everywhere you can....and save it...
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