How can people think they can fall in love online?

How can people think they can fall in love online? Topic: How to write a romantic love letter to your girlfriend
July 16, 2019 / By Roger
Question: So my first was way too freaking long, so here it is a bit shorter: I have two friends a guy and a girl, they're great friends one i've known for like three years the other like a year. The girl i've known for three years is going out with a guy i used to be going out with before i realized online relationships were stupid. When me and this guy were first going out i knew he had a girlfriend but he was still hitting on me and he left her for me. When he and my friend started dating, the beginning he was still hitting on me and saying how much he loves me and how much he wishes i was with him. I try to tell my friend he's not going to be faithful but i don't want to put it on too hard because she'll think im trying to break them up, and tell him and he'll get mad so on. They plan on getting together after they graduate and i suspect he's going to hurt my friend like he hurt me with her, it was sudden and painful, but you know i got over it. I don't want him to be hitting on another girl while at the same time he's on the phone with my friend telling her he loves her more than anyone and how she's more beautiful than anyone. How do i warn her, without making her think i want to break them up, which i dont? Also how can people think that they can seriously love someone over the freaking internet? how true do they think this can seriously be?
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Miki Miki | 2 days ago
I think it's possible because they wrap themselves up in a fantasy that becomes their own reality. It's like when you're dating someone new, you get excited when the phone rings and you hope it's them, same thing can happen on the internet. People get all excited when they get a new mail message from their "computer love" Communication on the internet has made many socially challenged people be connected in ways that weren't possible several years ago. I'm not saying that all people on the internet looking for love are socially challenged, but this may be a new and exciting way for some people to have relationships. Also, I think that there are many people for example in middle America that may come from small towns and see a lot of the same. The internet can open them up to a diverse group of people. Maybe they "fall in love" because they are able to find something really different and new, someone with totally different beliefs that stirs something up in them or challenges their views. There are tons of different reasons why I think people can fall in love on the internet another reason can be that maybe it's safe for them in their minds. Maybe they have been hurt by real people and this is a way for them to love without the real commitment or vulnerability of getting hurt. Or perhaps they are able to express themselves better online. You ever noticed how sometimes a guy can write something to you that's so romantic or cute? Well imagine a "cyber-boyfriend" that does this for you all day. Typing away all these sweet and beautiful things. Maybe they can express themselves better this way? If you look back in our history there was a time when men had to leave their towns or countries for long periods of times due to economic pressure. Men would write these long and beautiful romantic letters vowing they'd someday return and that he and his woman would share a perfect life together. Sometimes these couples wouldn't see each other for years and would have to rely on their love and faith for each other. Are you catching my drift? It's about romanticism. It's not up to us really to judge whether or not people can fall in love online. Afterall, we all live in our minds, not in this world. *By the way, these are my opinions, I have never fallen in love online and have a real flesh and blood boyfriend! lol* Also, are you a tad bit jealous? Just asking, it's kind of strange that friends are sharing boyrfriends, why are you guys ok with that....?? Let her be, she already knows what happened with you and him and you'll only sound bitter, let her find out for herself and stop being friends with girls that take your leftovers!
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I see where he told you from the start that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and I'm sure he cared deeply for you and still does , I recommend you stop trying to figure this out and move forward and my reason for saying this , is that if you do like I'm saying then I'll bet he'll come back and really be in love with you , because you did not pressure him into making him feel a certain way , which I call guilty ! Men have a tough time and will run , if their made to feel bad, or guilty . And this guy was really honest from the start ! Great Luck to you

Junior Junior
reitakit Im totally finished running after now Im getting chased... I'm amazed at the amount of chats I get at this social network! And so many of them are hot!!! No more unanswered messages. The community is just so much better aswell. And it has a live message room with pics.
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Harrison Harrison
personally i would never date someone online it's kind of superficial. YOu get a whole lot of personality online. BUT you don't see their face, how they act etc. They might act different in real life etc.
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Eldridge Eldridge
meeting people on the internet and saying they are in love is stupid....how can you fall in love with out the eye contact and touching each other...
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Amen! I've been asking this question for years, and for the past year have been answering questions here about this subject in hopes of opening some people's eyes. We do NOT need to label ourselves. Look at all the questions here from self-tortured people who are desperately trying to figure out what to call their sexuality. One minute it's one gender they like, and the next day it's the other. Or they yammer on and on about how they find their own gender attractive but they don't want to be homosexual. And of course, a lot of these askers are in puberty, so the whole hormonal confusion isn't helping matters. My advice to them is always to stop struggling to pick the supposedly "perfect" label to slap on themselves, just live their lives day-to-day, pursue happiness as they see fit, and let others draw their own conclusions about them. I'm a 100% gay male. I was born this way -- I wasn't tempted, or molested, or coerced, or seduced, or even offered fabulous prizes. I simply was attracted to the same sex from childhood. I was a bit confused at first, but when I found out the term was "homosexual" I was mostly fine with it. I had kind of an innate wisdom about it -- when I was eleven or so, I knew that I didn't need to be ashamed of being born the way I was born, and I didn't need to explain it to anyone. As a result, I never officially "came out" to anyone. The only I'm I've said "I'm gay" to someone is when they've asked for clarification. Frankly, I sometimes take offense at people who yammer about how it's important for all gay people to come out. Why? Though I never made a big, dramatic announcement to my family or friends, they all know I'm gay because I've simply lived my life and let others draw their own conclusions about me. I'm not in the closet in any way, but I'm also not a poster child for being gay. I look at it this way -- if straight folks don't need to publicly announce their sexual orientation, then why the hell should I have to announce mine? I literally would feel foolish if I introduced myself to someone as, "Hello, my name is ____, and I'm gay."

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