Traveling to India?Is it really safe to go there?

Traveling to India?Is it really safe to go there? Topic: Rape case statistics
June 16, 2019 / By Judah
Question: I am a Canadian citizen living in Winnipeg and my ancestors are from India. It's only me and my sister going there for a short vacation since both of us have never been to India before. Is it safe for both of us amidst the murders and rape cases there ?
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Harmon Harmon | 8 days ago
Well, like everyone else I was shocked by the recent horrific story of that girl's rape and murder on a fake bus full of disgusting criminal guys. Then, more recently, I was really surprised to learn that actually the US has a rape rate something like 12 times higher than India (cases per 100,000 population). But I don't think anyone would say it's too dangerous to visit the US - only that you have to be careful and know where you're going, etc. Of course, it's possible that rape is severely under-reported in India, so maybe the statistics are skewed. Murder rates are pretty accurate though, because murder is almost always reported, no matter what country. So you can get some idea of the overall crime rate by comparing murder statistics (because they have found that rates of rape, robbery, etc. are in fact correlated to murder rates in a surprisingly predictable way... so for example, for every murder, there tends to be about 20 rapes and 100 robberies, regardless of country or culture - I don't know the actual statistics.) But for murder rate, India is about the same as the US, which is bad compared to other 1st world countries, but pretty good (low) when compared to most of Africa, Caribbean, Latin America or ex-Soviet countries, for example (see link below). Also, rape is apparently a huge problem in Delhi/New Delhi - but maybe not so much in all of India? I think every country (and every city) has some safe areas and unsafe areas, and also every place has some unwritten rules which locals know to keep safe... like maybe "don't get on a bus with just a few guys in it", or "don't use an unofficial taxi", "avoid this whole part of the city" or "avoid certain kinds of nightclubs", etc. The way you learn these rules is to do research beforehand and also to ask local people who you know (relatives, friends, friends of relatives or friends) or trust (maybe the concierge of a reputable hotel, an official at your Canadian embassy, etc.) EDIT: Please post your question on the India branch of the Thorn Tree forum at LonelyPlanet . com - you can also search other answers there - you will get much better answers to your question - ask specifically how you can stay safe in the areas you want to visit, and in India in general. Good luck!
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Elden Elden
India is safer than what you think. There are bound to be few problems but that happens in any country you visit. Take precaustions. Do not venture alone anywhere. Especially at night. Do fix your travel options and let somebody know about the same. Keep info about these arrangement/s with the people you know. Dress appropriately. Do not trust anybody easily. Do not show off your valuable belongings including money. Always ask for help/ directions from police or shop owners on the street. These are reliable and trust worthy. If you know anybody here in India - ask them to arrange everything. Also request them to accompany you while you are here. This will be the safest way. Ofcourse this may add to your expenses but better way to move around. And yes, India is a country full of helpful and nice people. So do not worry much. Welcome !!
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Carran Carran
Like any foreign country, there are bound to be 'bad people' (if you will) out there. It is good that you are considering this, but this doesn't mean that India is a "dangerous" country. Read up on the place you plan on staying Is it tourist friendly? Is it a place that is used to foreigners? If not, is communication going to be a problem? Also, consider hiring a tour guide! This is just so you have a better look around whatever place you want to visit. Um... since you sound like you have grown up in a comfortable living space, i am going to tell you not to drink tap water. Your stomach just wouldn't handle it. Actually, anybody who isn't a native wouldn't be accustomed. Just have a supply of bottled water or tap water. Major point. Learn to dress appropriately. You don't want to be rude to the surrounding culture, even if they aren't strict with foreigners. Honestly, this post makes a trip to india seem dim but it really isn't! Just do your homework so you can just enjoy yourself when you are there! Check out the Malls! The newer ones are truly amazing ^__^
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Allerick Allerick
India is not a dangerous country, I think you will like it.There are few things you should keep in you mind that don't eat street food,never ever drink tap water even we Indians don't prefer drinking tap water. Wear proper clothes and try to mix with the people,the may stare at you but don't worry they will not do anything wrong with you they just curious.Try not to buy things from tourist places,check out the mall they are good not the older one.There are many things to see in India so enjoy,but please we careful with the traffic as cities are really very crowded and if you are coming here in Summers than better bring cotton clothes as summers are really hot not to forget India is a tropical country and it will be appreciated if you wear proper clothes in India.
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Taylor Taylor
It's always safe, just respect the social, and legal laws/rules. Try to blend in with the locals, and you will have a blast! In Indian culture there is a saying "Atithi Devo Bhava" which translates to "Guests are our God". So just try to blend in. If you want the real experience of life in India, then be like the normal crowd. Just respect the culture, the people, and the way of life, and you will be fine, and have a pleasant experience.
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Robynne Robynne
If travelling to India, I would strongly advise against going alone as the only two people in a group, if you have male friends, I reccomend you take them with you as well. Although the media might be misleading, India is one of the worst countries to be a woman in the world. Around every 20 minutes, a case of sexual assault occurs according to crime statistics, although it might be different because many cases go unreported, and only one in every 600 cases results in a conviction. Dehli is paticulary bad for women, much like that poor physiotherepy student who was attacked on a bus and later died of her injuries. Avoid walking at dark in poorly lit areas, but you should be right. Avoid tap water, and be careful not to fall for any scams such as when taxi drivers say "I'm sorry, but your hotels closed/overbooked/burnt down, but would you like to go to one of MY hotels?" They then take you to their "reccomended" hotels, where they rip you off and earn a large commission. You should be okay, but be careful.
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