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Linux versions by size? Topic: Connect writing access card
June 16, 2019 / By Matthias
Question: What versions of linux take the least amount of hard disk after installation? I want to install linux just for browsing and making secure payments, while the rest would be windows without antivirus(cause my pc works slowly with it). So I just need a very small distribution of linux, that is user-friendly(like ubuntu 8.04 is for me), like 1GB max size or so. Thank you for any help! I will probably need total security and one good browser installed. Thats it.
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Joahaz Joahaz | 7 days ago
Um. You miss the point. They recommend Live CDs for banking because you can write to disk when you have it installed. That is, the people who are recommending using Linux are recommending using Linux Live CD. The best one for this purpose right now I would have to say is out of date. Damn Small Linux (at http://www.damnsmallinux.org ) is a -- now 80 Meg stunt which uses zip files to create a full OS which is as small as possible. It does have a web browser and you can get firefox on it, so you can use it for banking. Of course you can't save any preferences or cookies -- but that is the whole point. When the session is over and you reboot your machine, it's ALL GONE. Slackware is an old distribution which is incredibly stable and spare. It is roughly 2GB. And you will NOT find a smaller version than that except damnsmalllinux and linuxfromscratch (which you compile yourself). Even my gentoo partition on my laptop is about five gig before adding extras. Slackware Gentoo and Linuxfromscratch require some programming knowledge to do anything with. Don't argue with me I'm typing this on my slackware box and might get mad enough to allow you a spin on it. http://www.slackware.com http://www.linuxfromscratch.org Slax is sort of an easy version of slackware. Get it from http://www.slax.org Again, this IS a live cd. The thing is you download most of the programs -- and install them -- after you start it and go online. gNewSense is an awesome almost entirely open source version of Ubuntu. You can install it to disk -- but again that will just give the bad guys some space to write their nasty little stuff. You will have to get used to the epiphany web browser but there are worse things in the world (IE.exe, konqueror...). http://www.gnewsense.org Finally, Linux is a Unix-derived OS. That means, for something this elementary, I am definitely going to recommend two bsd distributions: Dragonfly BSD is a live DVD. If you have a DVD-RW you can download the iso file, burn it to disk and boot up. You will get some hardware detection (unless you have a Marvell ethernet card which for some reason FreeBSD doesn't support well) and a full fledged OS. You DEFINITELY will have trouble writing to disk with this one, but till the session expires the Firefox web browser will save cookies to memory. http://www.dragonflybsd.org bsdanywhere is simpler and does fit on a cd but supports the Marvell ethernet card and has firefox too. So boot it up and do your browsing on it. http://bsdanywhere.org Sorry, it is completely irresponsible to use Windows without an antivirus if the computer is EVER plugged into the web when it is on. Since the late nineties Windows has been accessing the internet whenever it can whether the user wants it to or not (calling redmond to tell them it's authentic) and since early this century it hasn't run right unless it was connected. Worse Microsoft Anti-Virus has trusted sources -- companies they say should be able to do anything to your files. This means you can't trust Microsoft Antivirus either as spoofing has always been one of the easiest things you can do on the net (pretending to be someone else) and the math says it always will be. Of course it is disreputable but SO IS PRETENDING YOU CAN MAKE IT GO AWAY AND BASING YOUR SECURITY ON TRUSTED SOURCES NOT TRUSTED ACTIONS. So even if you won't surf the net with it get a GOOD antivirus program which outlaws things and not sources. And use a live cd for banking.
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Granville Granville
Hmm, well there's Tinycore Linux (About 10 MB I think) Damn Small Linux (50 MB) Puppy Linux (around 100 MB) Slax (200 MB) Personally, I recommend Puppy or Slax
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Duffy Duffy
Damn Small Linux is a 50MB minimum install. It comes with basic web-browsing. There are also bigger versions of DSL. http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/
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