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I need help with history questions? Topic: How to write article effectively
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Question: What was the purpose of The Prince? To show farmers how to take power To show kings how to rule democratically To show nobles how to rule effectively To show peasants how to revolt 7. Which was an accomplishment of Michelangelo? The designing of flying machines The Prince The statue of David The use of perspective 8. How did art change during the Renaissance? Art became less focused on religion. Artists were not part of society. Paintings became less secular. Technique became less important. 9. What factor led to the Renaissance beginning in Northern Italy? Italy had no interest in international trade. Northern Italy had avoided the city-state system. Religion was not common in Northern Italy. Several cities had easy access to the sea. 10. How did economics relate to the Renaissance in Europe? The Church financially supported the Scientific Revolution. The spread of money decreased literacy in Italy. Once rulers became wealthy, they could support scholars. Wealthy serfs had money to support artists. 11. Which did William Shakespeare not write? Comedies Historical dramas Scientific articles Tragedies
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Intensive agricultural techniques, such as the use of human power, crop rotation, and irrigation. This has enabled farmers to produce a surplus of food that is not necessary for their own subsistence. A significant portion of the population that does not devote most of its time to producing food. This permits a division of labour. Those who do not occupy their time in producing food may instead focus their efforts in other fields, such as industry, war, science or religion. This is possible because of the food surplus. The gathering of some of these non-food producers into permanent settlements, called cities. A form of social organization. This can be a chiefdom, in which the chieftain of one noble family or clan rules the people; or a state society, in which the ruling class is supported by a government or bureaucracy. Political power is concentrated in the cities. The institutionalized control of food by the ruling class, government or bureaucracy. The establishment of complex, formal social institutions such as organized religion and education, as opposed to the less formal traditions of other societies. Development of complex forms of economic exchange. This includes the expansion of trade and may lead to the creation of money and markets. The accumulation of more material possessions than in simpler societies. Development of new technologies by people who are not busy producing food. In many early civilizations, metallurgy was an important advancement. Advanced development of the arts, especially writing.
Originally Answered: I need help with history questions?
I would look for: - Tool making - agricultural techniques - permanent settlements (cities) - social hierarchy - A form of writing for development of communication - formal social institutions (religion, education) - Development of complex forms of economic exchange (money)

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