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Metal Gear English Paper? Topic: Environment writing paper
July 16, 2019 / By Farrah
Question: I'm interested in writing an English paper on my favorite video game series-Metal Gear Solid. I convinced my teacher that I could write the paper on an alternative media source such as a video game. I want to prove to her that video games can rival movies and books when used properly. Any suggestions on what themes, motifs, relationships etc. I should explore while writing the paper???
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Cordelia Cordelia | 4 days ago
A series such as MGS creates an entire alternate universe, you'll see written on many dedicated video game wikis "Halo Universe", "Metal Gear Universe" etc. as it is a constantly evolving and changing environment. The Metal Gear universe is an excellent example (I'm huge fan!) of this richness, it bends the truth of history enough to be semi-realistic without being "controversial". It would be good to know what sort of paper but here's a few ideas: A popular concept in Metal Gear games is basically "Illusion/deception", among all the complexity you learn that half of the time Solid Snake is being used for one deviant purpose or another i.e. carrying the FOXDIE virus to kill key personnel. Also one of the biggest mindfucks in gaming history in MGS2 when a full reality is created by the Patriots to 'test' information control systems. The entire idea of nuclear deterrence is also used as an idea of "Paradoxes", the pointless aspects of society and human nature which are once again linked to the Patriots trying to "save" humanity from itself. Nuclear deterrence is a system whereby both sides have armed nuclear weapons so that neither one would ever use them as they themselves would be destroyed in a counter-attack. This guilt would be too much for a human being to bear, or would it? Liquid Snake, Coldman and others seem to be insane enough to test this. Its basically something that make us question "reality" more than anything, I don't know if its the right thing to do a paper on as it only has one or two themes (no real "relationship building" per-say but if you make it about perception of reality you should be fine.
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Bessie Bessie
Each Metal Gear game has a theme. The theme of Metal Gear is about Cold War hysteria and the general state of distrust, even between soldiers. The theme of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is about war on the battlefield and the tragedies that take place, the friendships that must be broken. The theme of Metal Gear Solid/The Twin Snakes is about genes, that despite the fact that, metaphorically speaking, you are your genes, you should not let them rule your fate, you should make your own future. The theme of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is similar, except that it is about memes, cultures and ideas passed down from generation to generation. Art, music, theater, poetry, we humans can leave many great things behind and shape our own realities, be who we want to be. The theme of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, is the change of scene. Basically, today's trusted ally may well be tomorrow's bitter enemy, or vice-versa. There is no such thing as a timeless, absolute enemy, because our enemies (or friends) are human beings like us. The theme of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is the link between commander and soldier. While some commanders ruling through cruelty and fear may be effective, more often than not, leading by example and inspiration is a better course. The theme of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is that one must maintain their sense and will. Thoughout life we may encounter rough times where we lose our grip on reality, we must struggle through, as the onus is yours to bear. It again draws on the concept that you and only you can decide you own fate and the way you live, that it should not be left for others to decide for you. The theme of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the true nature of peace, that it is not a natural state, yet it is still something we have power over. The inability to have free will enough to choose peace will lead to conflict in human society. I hope this give you some ideas, I summed it up as simply as I could. These are just the main themes, several other themes are in the games, some that you're told from age 5 to some that draw elements from Nietzschean philosophy.
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Afrikah Afrikah
you have to show what MGS has that movies dont. I have not played a lot of MGS, but I know that it (unlike movies) can incorperate its games into real history and have it actually make sense, while movies will just make it in the future, or create an alternate world to put their story into, while the MGS games incorporate their story into real history and have it make sense Hoped that helped
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