15 Year old traveling internationally alone?

15 Year old traveling internationally alone? Topic: The sisters thailand
July 17, 2019 / By Itai
Question: I am 15 years old and I am currently residing in the US but I have been to Thailand many times to see family and I want to go back. My parents say that they would buy me a ticket to Thailand if I wanted to go that bad. The total flight time is 24-26 hours and I don't have a problem with the flying since I already did 6 round trips to Thailand. I won't have really much of a problem getting around the airport by myself. I speak English, Japanese and Thai. I can also read the languages (I am asian). So can a 15 year old travel alone? I will be going from Sarasota Florida to Atlanta (Delta MD-88). 0:46 Minutes between. Then board a Delta 747-400 to Tokyo (NRT). 2:20 between. Then board another Delta 747-400 to Thailand Suvarnabhumi airport. I arrive at 11:05 PM. All for $1,566. I have so much family in Thailand. 6 of my mom's sisters are there and my cousins and nephews. They also have a house we stay in whenever we go there so once I get to Thailand, I will be very well taken care of. So is it possible for me to travel alone at 15? I have done this flight many times before. Thanks
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Ferdy Ferdy | 4 days ago
of course. you will need a signed consent form from your parents and a passport. and depending on the airline you may need to take part in an unaccompanied minors program which would cost extra and your parents would have to take you to the airport and your family would have to pick you up when you get there.
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Ferdy Originally Answered: Am I too young to travel alone internationally?
Your best bet is to try and convince your parents in a mature and calm way, why you are old enough to travel alone. Explain to them instances in the past where you dealt with situations like an adult (Do you babysit? Have you ever stayed home alone for a weekend?) Chances are, they are just worried about you. Maybe they don't know much about the country you are going to, and so may have preconceived notions about your safety there. When my parents were cautious about me going to Egypt by myself, I did some research about the safety there and was able to convince them that I would be fine. If I were you, I would put together a sheet of paper with the times and details of your flight, phone numbers of the US embassy in that country as well as the phone number and address of your friend who lives there. Also, tell them the steps you will take to ensure your safety (Will you check in with them once a day? Will you call them from the airport?) Showing that you are willing to do some extra research will show them how much you want to go on this trip, and will show them you are prepared. Check to see if your phone plan allows for international calls. Chances are, your phone will work, but will be veeery expensive, but it is good to have in an emergency. You can probably get a very cheap prepay cell phone once you arrive. Good luck!

Daley Daley
I traveled a lot alone due to some internships, and I really didn't have any trouble other than temporarily trying to find a gate. If you need information, just ask the airline workers, or attendants. Just make sure you have at least two types of identification, one of them a picture ID such as a driver's license. If you are not old enough for a driver's license or permit, simply go to the DMV and ask for a non-driver's ID, which also has a picture. Other than that, you seem to be a perfectly capable kid, being trilingual and punctual as you are, you shouldn't have too many problems.
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Austen Austen
Delta allows all kids 15 and over to travel as adults. no problem with that. You will need a letter of permission to travel outside the U.S. alone , signed by both parents and notarized. See site below for a form you can use. You sound very confident and should do just fine.
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Vina Vina
Yes you can travel alone. Many children do it when they have divorced parents . I've seen children as young as five alone on a plane-.
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