Why is France mentioned among the most important Allies?

Why is France mentioned among the most important Allies? Topic: importance of conclusion
June 16, 2019 / By Breeda
Question: What exactly they did that Yugoslavia, Poland, Greece and Czechoslovakia didn't? It's not like the French underground was actively, militarily fighting the nazis... And the French resistance became big only after 1944, when the Allies were already winning. Did they do anything absolutely essential for the Allies' victory? Did they do anything absolutely essential for the Allies' victory? Did they do anything absolutely essential for the Allies' victory? @josie93: You are wrong. Countries that I mentioned fought more actively against Germany. And Poland fought longer than France. Also Poland NEVER surrendered like France. Poles fought in the Battle Of France and in the Battle Of Britain. They fought inside and outside of Poland 1939-1945. Yugoslavia had probably the biggest resistance movement in Europe. @josie93: French resistance wasn't bigger or most effective than Polish or Yugoslavian resistance. Poland fell to Germany? So did France. France had the biggest army in Europe but resisted Hitler for about the same time that small, underdeveloped Poland did. Poland's fall didn't started French resistance. It was France's fall that started French resistance. @Joe: So it's not because of their contribution but because of their strategic importance? Are you implying that the French simply were more lucky than the Polish because France is in western Europe and the USA cared about them more?
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Alexandra Alexandra | 8 days ago
Johnny, the actual statistics as to what the FFI (Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur or French Forces of the Interior) accomplished most before 1944 are really related for the downed pilots over France. This said the statistics of other activity pales in comparison to the Polish and Yugoslav Resistance. There simply was not a more consistent resistance fighter in my view than the Polish or Yugoslavs in comparison to all the others. It is not my intent to start any controversy with regard to the question you post but the question you post is true to form based on exactly "what" the German Wermacht and SS members were hospitalized for prior to the 6 June, 1944 Allied invasion of Normandy. This is one of those things revisionists do not like to confront or speak of and quite frankly after the Liberation of Paris on 25 August 1944 it was difficult at best to determine just "who" was FFI and "who" was merely blemishing their actual involvement. All the best, Gerry Edit: The tragedy for Poland as we know is that it lays between Germany and then (then) USSR. They received the biggest slap in the face of any nation at the conclusion of the Second World War and the irony of course is that the Second World War started because of the German invasion of Poland. The Warsaw Uprising is one of the most tragic events in the history of warfare in the world as we know it today. This is also fact.
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Turlough Turlough
Free French troops and the French resistance had a significant role in the liberation of France and of Italy. After France was liberated a new French army was formed and it participated significantly to the end of the war. The French resistance's role in the organisation of the Allied invasion of France was also very important.
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Richie Richie
Because France wasn't just France , there was all the Empire too , and as that came gradually into the active Allied camp the troops and resources were hugely important in winning the war . And @ Arthur . You are a pig ignorant racist moron .
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Meredith Meredith
Because it's an important European country and has been for a long time. The Nazi's taking control of France was a shock to everyone else.
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Jonathon Jonathon
France may be considered a big Allie becuase they were one of the only ones beside the British that were actively fighting hitler (Axis powers) when hitler invaded Poland in 1939 but then they fell to germany in 1940 which started the french resistance it was always big but it got bigger in 1944 becuase they knew that d-day would be in France. edit: i never said poland fell to cause the french resistance. i was in ap us history i said france fell in 1940 which did cause the french resistance !poland, britain and france made an alliance becuase when ww2 started they were the only allies going against the axis powers that had any big impact. what did france do? they provided resistance and a battle field for the invasion of d-day on june 6, 1944. but you know what else i also bet there were double-agents that came from France , becuase i know there were double-agents that came from Britain worked for Hitler and they tried to persuade germany that the allies would invade in another part of France and it worked. this caused German troops to be moved up and thus gave the allies more of a fighting chance in 1944 on that fateful day. also, the french resistance was huge.the french secretly tried and succeed in sabotaging communications and it proved vital and i never said the french resistance was bigger than the polish resistance. i feel like you misunderstood my writing due to my syntax. apologies for that. and for the record i know that the fall of France caused the french resistance dummy. stop putting words in my mouth! and the resistance, the fact that there was any in any of those places should be appreciated and not belittled , becuase in those days any resistance was better than no resistance at all.any one of those countries which stood up to tyranny should not have their actions made smaller becuase anyone who stood up to the axis powers , that unity of joining forces was needed for victory and everyone did their part as much or as little or as best they could and that should be appreciated and not scrutinized. if you want to now more :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_hi... edit: here is something i found to reinstate what i said A reduced number of French infantry was involved in the June 6, 1944 Allied landing operations. Its number is 209 which include 177 commandos and 32 airborne troopers.[19] Additional personnel include a hundred French air force fighter and bomber pilots and hundreds sailors from the French navy.[19]
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