Dad makes fun of me for not having any friends?

Dad makes fun of me for not having any friends? Topic: How to write a hate letter to your dad
June 16, 2019 / By Lucky
Question: i don't have any friends, because the ones i hang out with are fake. my dad said "You don't have any friends? No wonder. No one would want to be your friend anyways. you'd scare them. Other people don't even like you. you're the biggest loser." and that made me cry. he doesn't had a job for 2 years, my mom does though. he picks up girls and hits me. what he doesn't know is.......i treat my used to be friends far more differently then what i treat him. i was nicer to them. and to my dad........i don't give a **** if he hates me or not so i don't really care about him.......i treat him like he's invisible or yell at him.......he is the person whom i most hate toward that i want to kill i have NO self-esteem because of him. he thinks he owns my life or something he's also been making fun of me because of my weight. i am underweight b/c of metabolism & he says "no one would want to date a girl with no butt or boobs" @care : if i wrote a letter to him, he would laugh at me or think i'm stupid. i don't want to treat my deadbeat of a father LIKE a true father. even if i haven't done anything to him, he would just yell at me. i hate calling him that. no you don't get it.......i REALLY hate him. if he passed away, i would throw a party. i keep asking my mom everyday of when she would divorce 'him'.
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Jedidiah Jedidiah | 9 days ago
My Unprofessional Opinion First, he likely feels like a loser himself, and that could very well be his motivation for abusing you. He cannot respect himself if he treats his own child that way. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. Second, I’m sure you don’t hate your father and that you do care, but admitting that you do care makes you feel vulnerable. Don't let him bate you into treating him other than you would if you behaved as yourself. Third, understanding him better may help you to realize that your personality is independent of how he defines you. You are the way you are, and you are not an undeserving person. I’ll tell you what a therapist told me, though you may be a little young for it: you may need to be your own parent, in an emotional way, and just not take his comments to heart. It may also be a good idea to seek a therapist.
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Gareth Gareth
aww thats quite shameful and he doesnt really deserver the title of "Dad" U yell at him he yells at u hmm have u heard of the Golden Rule? It states to treat others as you would want to be treated. I kno its hard but imo maybe if ur nice to him (he obviously doesnt want to b nice to u) maybe he will return the favor. Imo u should write him a letter and leave it on somewhere where he will c it and read it while ur at school. Tell him how u feel and what drives ur hatred towards him. the thing that comes outta that is he will hopefully realize that theirs more to being a father than what he is doin. End it with something like "You nvr know what u once had till its gone, it seems im gone to u so y dont u notice?" As for ur self-esteem all u have to do is learn to love urself for who u r rather than hatin for who ur not, do that and u will feel beautiful both inside and out. Thats called being confident which is a key thing us guys like in a girl. Theres more to beauty than meets the eye so the whole stuff about being underwieght or "no one would want to date a girl with no butt or boobs" thats all nonsense. We all live a life in a 365 day costume where our true identity lies within and THATS what should matter most when findin someone special and if it doesnt then that person isnt really worth ur time imo. How u c urself depcits how others will c u just keep that in mind. Try and enjoy the rest of ur day :)
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Derryl Derryl
oh my gosh thats horrible! really, u shouldnt listen to him. Although you shouldnt kill him or even want to. Dont let him control ur life, also try talking 2 ur mom about it or other family members. And about the low self esteem thing, i have a friend who used to have really low self esteem. She even cut herself sometimes, but anyway she was telling me that she got a diary and that was able to help a little she wrote down all the stuff that was happening in her life and all the bad things, then she wrote the good things down everyday even if it was just one good thing about herself or that happened to her.And over time she said that was able to help, she also had to talk to a counsler-maybe you should consider that? Sry if its no help, but i cant really speak on this from personal experience so,thats y i gave u hers.
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Benny Benny
mate dont worry bout ur father honestly dont let him get u down dont listen to what he says just go out and meet people i no it may seen hard but honestly ull soon find its easy and hey ull find someone remembewr thers billions of people in the world and u only need one also dont worry about what you look like hey i used to be really fat when i was younger and people used to insult me but hey why should they get u upset ull just be upset for no reason so insted of crying about it i went out and did something about it u shud too u will feel better good luck
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Abidah Abidah
If you truly treat him like he is invisible - - why is your self esteem nonexistent? Stop letting him get in your head. He's the loser.
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Sidney Sidney
Hi sorry for replying on this Question. Im white and i like Japanese I wanna move there :D so dont blame us, Blacks hate Asians.. Most whites love asians.
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Philippa Philippa
that is so NOT right for your father to treat you in this way.. i would talk to your mother or a counsleor.
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