What makes a rapper "lyrical"?

What makes a rapper "lyrical"? Topic: How to write a rap song about school
July 17, 2019 / By Gabe
Question: Or is the term lyrical just thrown around too much when people label rappers? What's the difference between Lil Wayne's rapping from A Tribe Called Quest or Kanye West's rapping to Raekwon's? Does a beat make you more lyrical, subject matter or what?
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Dene Dene | 4 days ago
I have to steal an old answer to this question because the kid who wrote it absolutely nailed it as far as I'm concerned.. "Lyricism in Hip Hop is (Mostly) the ability to put rhymes together in a fashion where it is complex. People that don't like Hip Hop can argue that it isn't appealing because they are just talking and they can't sing, or that they don't like what they are rapping about. Liking an artist is purely opinion. But...lyrically, Hip Hop (Real Hip Hop) is by far the most complex genre of music. That is a fact, it can indeed be proven. (Yes I'm talking to you Dancer4ever!) When I say complex, I mean the rhyme schemes are limited because of how a particular artists chooses to rhyme. In hip hop, rhyming the very last word at the end of a bar just doesn't cut it anymore. A multi is when an artist rhymes more than the last word, but the last 2 words, three...four or even all of them. Also breaking down the syllables and rhyming a word with each syllable. For example: Disconnects Twist tha necks I turned 1 three syllable word into three words. Dis slant rhymes with Twist, Co (Pronounced "Kuh") rhymes with Tha and nnects rhymes with necks. Everything rhymes. It can be that basic, or even more complex: "Jump 'em in like jump rope, double dutch then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke, subtle touch." (From Old School by MF DOOM Feat C-Lo) Jump with thumb, rope with stroke, double with subtle, dutch with touch. Or it can get as complex to where practically every word of each respective sentence rhymes: "Doing songs lit in the booth, with the best host Doing bong hits on the roof, in the west coast." (From Meatgrinder by MF DOOM) A lot of times, Lyricism can also encompass the whole spectrum. Not just how they use multis, but also how they are able to successfully place cunning metaphors throughout a track and how they can tell a story when limited to the multis they decide to use."
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Beavis Beavis
I would define it as the ability to manipulate words in such a way that would really impress you. Multis really help make a rapper "lyrical". The most obvious difference is style and delivery. Some of the rappers you mentioned would be considered better lyricists than others because of their clever way of presenting their subject matter. I think sometimes a beat demands for a rapper to "go H.A.M.", but this isn't always the case. Good production doesn't enhance a rapper's ability to construct a complex/clever rhyme. I value subject matter over everything else. Subject Matter > Lyricism
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Zoey Zoey
Multis, rhyme scheme, wordplay, being able to tell a story, vocab, etc. I suppose subject matter plays into it. Lil Wayne is far more punchline heavy than ATCQ, though I sometimes notice that Q-Tip's flow influenced Wayne's. Kanye has nothing in common with Rae lyrically.
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Sherisse Sherisse
I feel if someone thinks a rapper is lyrical for them then that's all that counts no matter who it is. If that's how you think then that's all that counts. Some rappers have more complex lyrics than others I guess that would be the only difference
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Penina Penina
A beat doesn't matter. Being lyrical means u don't rap about killing doing drugs or banging girls in a literal way. U can say it metaphorically but that's no the point. When u rap lyrically it means that u have good metaphors similes and word plays that can make someone laugh or relate to it
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