Does having lots of money mean you are a great rapper?

Does having lots of money mean you are a great rapper? Topic: How to write a eminem songs
June 16, 2019 / By Joachim
Question: explain. id say rappers like tyga,vanilla ice,soulja boy Wayne,minaj,50 cent are the beat rappers because they have the most.money.they have to earn the money and they didi.hear rappers here get praised a lot like Rakim,kool g rap,Rakim,krs one, AZ,nas,, lupe fiasco,eminem,mf Grimm, but how can be considered the beat,underrated because they dont have a lot of money.money means that u.earned a reward for hard work.so shpuldnt the rappers I named be considerrd the best because they have the most money and they earned it.is this.a good way to measure a rapper,considering they made money because of their music. And most of these rappers,I mentioned everybody knows about them and they rap about money which is a good thing cause u can get a Ferrari,a mansion,security with bein rich and thats inportant Those rappers who I mentioned that get a lot of praise here dont talk about cars,money and noone can relate to them.who wants to listen about other peoples problems if u got problems of your own.how would that help other people,esp. Eminem. Jay z and p Diddy dont count because jz is a business man with horrible flow who cant rap.to save his life and he said him self he does rap for fun and p Diddy has money from record deals not rap. And for those who say lil Wayne doesnt write his stuff,is there proof,were u there with him.
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Grady Grady | 7 days ago
no, a lot of rapper who are classed as underground could easily make a pop song, get big and get all the money, but they choose to stay loyal to themselves and to their fan base, so they never make it big, Simple as that. and these underground rappers might not be millionaires, but they can still make a living off doing what they are doing, so its enough for them.
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Grady Originally Answered: How do i Become a Great Rapper?
I know how you feel man, I mean I would be kind of mad if I put a lot of work into a song and people would make corrections to it as if they have been rapping most of their lives. At the end of the day, you must not get offended by that as being a rapper, there are always going to be people out there that criticize you. All your friends are trying to do is help I'm sure. Idk man, I would say just observe your favorite rappers lyrics and flow in their songs. Try to feel what they felt when they wrote the lyrics to your favorite songs. Then take those beats, make songs to them and compare your version with the original. Having your friends judge you is great because that is a primary public opinion without it being too harsh. You will get it but in the mean time, find your stride and don't worry about a look as looks aren't as important as rhymes.

Dudley Dudley
Nope, having lots of money doesn't mean nothing. There are underground rappers that I know that can body the rappers you listed. By the way, 50 Cent is also a bussiness man. You need to be kidding me by including Soulja Boy on that list. Here's and underground rapper who goes by Tory Lanez, not rich but he's better than Tyga, Nicki, and Wayne. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH9IqnESN... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT8cw9iwU...
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Brook Brook
Don't you mean best not beat? Whatever. Your an idiot anyway if you think the rappers you called good are good. They just make money cause 90% of their fans are 11 year old
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