What makes a car run out of gas quick?

What makes a car run out of gas quick? Topic: Make a conclusion
July 20, 2019 / By Jilly
Question: I always drove a car cautiously with a little usage of air conditioner and stereo system and I draw a conclusion of my experience by doing that would save gas usage to drive 4 days and get gas instead of 3 days and get gas. Is it true? If not true then what makes a car run out of gas quick for 3 days driving as stated above?
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Freda Freda | 10 days ago
Using the air conditioning does not have anything to do with gas mileage. The reason why ppl think that is because when you use your air conditioning it draws cold into the car while at the same time keeping SOME HEAT on the engine. But there is not enough heat there to make a difference on you r MPG. The first guy is right, flooring it will take a lot more gas especially if it had a carb. The best thing to do it to not 5 dollar your car. What i mean by that is to not let the tank get to 1/4 of a tank anf only put 5 dollars in it. It IS proven that if you keep your tank over half full all the time then you will get better gas mileage.
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Darien Darien
driving with your car windows down uses more gas than driving with the a/c. The stereo does not make any difference at all. The biggest thing that will make a change is your RPM's. if you rev the engine a lot , floor the car till you get up to speed or drive over 70 mph then you are going to use more gas.
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Breana Breana
Not using the stereo will not make any measurable difference. Not using air conditioning, only a few MPG. You're expecting too much from the changes you made.
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Alene Alene
Capt DR Lawer nopants is authentic on all factors. there is data to coach hyper-miling quite saves gasoline. I own a 1999 Suburban. I observed an substantial progression in my gasoline mileage via doing the comparable issues Capt stated. whether, I nonetheless paid a fortune for gasoline each week. i offered a Nissan Quest. I surely have one much less seat than my Suburban, greater leg room, and lots greater effective gasoline financial equipment. the money I shop in gasoline, will pay for my new automobile!
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