Questions about becoming a wedding planner?

Questions about becoming a wedding planner? Topic: How to write a reference for someone for university
June 25, 2019 / By Gaylord
Question: I am seriously thinking of becoming one since I have always been good at planning parties, I did plan my own wedding and enjoyed that. First off, Is it a hard business to start? and do I need to get a liscense? Also, what is it like to be one, is it a stressful job? I understand that payment is based on just how many weddings you plan a year and usually you get paid a certain percentage of what the wedding cost. but once you start making profit is it really good pay? Please help me decide if it's really something I want to do. Also my husband is military, so would it be a problem if I am moving every 2-4 years? I could always stay back for a bit if I am in the middle of planning a wedding if he gets moved somewhere else, but I just wasn't sure if it'd be a problem.
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Dezi Dezi | 6 days ago
Well being a wedding planner is being a small business owner. So taking business and basic accounting courses is a good start. I have looked into event planning myself, because am looking to start my carer in fundraising (events for charities) and non-profit organizations. There are programs for getting a college degree in event planning. Most programs have a set list of courses to teach you how to plan any type of event, event planning basics, marketing for events and your business and business courses (because event planning is a business) and then you can choose to specialize in a certain type of event planning on top of that; Wedding planning, Non-profit fundraising, Volunteer management, etc. So you can specialize in Wedding planning if you choose. The thing with the wedding industry is it is very experience-based, and very demanding work, so you need to get a certificate/professional training so that people will take you seriously and it will allow exposure to the industry. Most importantly, being a wedding planner is more than just picking colours and helping couples decide on a caterer. It's having a lot of contacts and a big network, being able to negotiate on someone else's behalf and being an accountant for a couple that doesn't know how to budget. Because of the strong network you need to be successful, I don't know if having to move every 2-4 years is practical. It could take 2 years to build your network of vendors over again, and couples like to see a strong list of references from other weddings, preferably local or within the same state. It's also running a business, so you have to file taxes, manage cash flow and take care of marketing and daily business operations details. Some programs are 1 year full-time, but I'm doing a fundraising/non-profit development certificate part-time (one evening course a week per term) so it will take me a couple years. I'm doing it this way because I need to be working full-time to make money and save for my own upcoming wedding. Look into training/certificates at your local community college. The program I am taking is a continuing education program, so you need either 3 years of direct experience, a college diploma or a university degree (I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in honours history and business). But most full-time college programs do not require this. I just found this article written by a wedding planner too: http://www.save-on-crafts.com/wed20brwor... Good Luck!
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Dezi Originally Answered: Wedding Planner Terminology?
When people ask for references about the weddings you planned you tell them about the total cost not just how much your fee is. If you are used to doing weddings with a high budget you want your clients to know that you have experence in high end planning. If you specialize in low cost simple ceremonies you would want them to know that also.

Bevis Bevis
Being a wedding planner can be one of the most stressful things you can do.... but it can also be the most rewarding. Because you are preforming a service, and not providing a product... most states do not require you to have a business license because you do not charge a state sales tax... but you would have to keep records of your income and expenses in order to file income tax each year. Depending upon your location, you can earn anywhere from 10-20% of the total wedding budget. So income really depends on the size of each wedding and how many you plan in a year. Once you get some references under your belt, your business can be quite portable. However, it will be like starting over every time you move. That is not to say it isn't possible. Start with your own wedding... include photos... and build your portfolio from there. If you've helped friends with parties or their weddings, ask if you can use them as a reference. There are some great online courses you can take. US Career Institute has an awesome course and it is quite reasonable. Even though you have done it for yourself, I would highly recommend the course anyway. Best of luck!
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Abnur Abnur
There are some classes that you can do online. You have to start building up a portafolio . Start by offering yoru services for fee, so you can at least have one reference. Good luck
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Sloane Sloane
I've always wanted to be one, too! Here, this will give you a brief overview, of what it entails. http://www.the-wedding-planner.com/aplan... If you need a partner, I've available! LOL!
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Sloane Originally Answered: Does anyone know how much a wedding planner cost in Greece?
Usually newly to be weds arrange themselves all the aspects of the marriage. Or the parents of either side. Hiring a planner may prove to be a costly business even if the guests will be so few. Even more so, in this case. Less people , less profit for them so they will have to raise prices to make it profitable. According to Greek law you are obliged to have the impending wedding announced in some local newspaper a few weeks before. That is something that you have to do in advance. Also the setting of the date with either the priest or the Municipal Registrar. Arranging for a meal or a cocktail reception will be easily done on the spot a couple of day ahead of the marriage. So. my advice is not to get involved with a planner for such a small party.

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