Can someone read my english paper and edit it?

Can someone read my english paper and edit it? Topic: School english paper
July 21, 2019 / By Prunella
Question: Poverty and World Hunger Everyday we overlook how grateful we are. When we don’t like what our mom has cooked for dinner, we should keep in mind that there are children dying from starvation. When we say that we don’t have a big enough house, we don’t have nice clothes, we hate school, and life couldn’t be any worse, remember that there are people homeless, who have one set of clothes, no education , and are dying from hunger. Over 500 million people are living in poverty. The definition of poverty is the state of one who lacks usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty. Today 852 million people across the world today are hungry. Each day about 16,000 children die from starvation. Every year 15 million people die from hunger. Every five seconds a child dies from hunger, a mother loses her child, and someone loses a friend. We can’t overlook this issue any longer. We are talking about innocent human beings dying because of not having enough food. What they don’t have we take for granted. People say that there isn’t enough food for everyone. That is a lie. There is enough food available to provide 4.3 pounds of food per person world wide. In the United States we have the largest obesity rate. We consume too much food while others eat nothing. We waste money on liabilities. There are over 6 billion people in the world today who live on less than a dollar a day. Many organizations and foundations have been formed to help with world hunger and poverty. I am a member of Compassion International. I sponsor a six year old boy named Jackson. For only forty dollars a month Jackson receives health care, an education, clothes, and food. If you were to ask people to donate forty dollars to help stand up against world hunger today most of them would say that it’s too much money and they can’t afford it. What amazes me is that people can say that and go buy a pair of shoes that are a hundred dollars. There are so many lost and hopeless face in our word. We need to take a stand, and act out as one. We need to come together as a Nation, and support each other. One can make a difference, and give hope to so many.
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Mckayla Mckayla | 9 days ago
*Do not use words that have apostrophes unless they end in "s". For example, replace don't with do not. Replace couldn't with could not. Replace can't with can not. *In the first paragraph, don't put a space between education and the comma. (Easy to fix! :) ) *Indent your paragraphs (which is probably hard to do on yahooanswers.com, so I'll just assume you've already done that *Cite your definition of poverty at the end of your paper. Where did you get that definition from? Since this is an English paper, it should probably be cited in MLA format. *Put the definition of poverty in quotes because you did not write it. *I wouldn't use the word "talking" in your sentence that states, "We are talking about innocent human beings dying because of not having enough food." You could say something like, "Beacuse of the lack of available funding and food, innocent human beings are dying." *Cite where your statistics came from in paragraph 2. I know you didn't have them memorized ;) *Replace it's too much money, with it is too much money. Same with can't. *Replace "a hundred dollars" with "one hundred dollars" *Hopeless FACES, not FACE. *No need for a comma in the sentence "We need to take and stand and act out as one" because act out as one can not be separated from the sentence. *Same for the next sentence. *And the sentence after that *Throughout your entire paper, you use the word "we" at the end you use the word "one". Consider changing that to "we" This is a GREAT PAPER! Good comparisons. I was just correcting little grammatical stuff. You made some very valid points.
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Mckayla Originally Answered: Can someone please edit my english paper?
Why do you suppose it needs modifying? What's the discipline subject? We aren't right here or as a minimum i'm not right here to do someones homework. If there's a precise subject that you just want support with i will be able to are attempting. Can you be extra distinct? If it is the fine work you feel you can do you then will have to reward it. That means you aren't dishonest yourself out of studying. I have been there.If you're having problems within the class maybe you want some additional support. Is that this for school or put up graduate work?

Laurie Laurie
hi, techniques for enhancing a paper or an essay good enhancing or proofreading skills are in basic terms as important to the fulfillment of an essay, paper or thesis almost as good writing skills. The enhancing point is an danger to bolster your arguments with a touch extra objective eye than while you're contained in the path of writing. certainly, enhancing can turn a reliable essay or paper right into a stunning one, by potential of paying close interest to the known shape and the logical bypass of a controversy. here we can furnish some the right thank you to edit a paper or an essay. techniques for enhancing a paper or essay: a million. examine over different issues you have written, to be sure in case you could % out a trend on your writing, mutually with complicated punctuation, or repeated use of a similar adjectives. 2. Take a destroy between the writing and enhancing. 3. examine by potential of sliding a clean internet site down your strains of writing, so which you spot one line at a time. Even in enhancing or proofreading, that's user-friendly to pass over issues and make blunders. 4. examine the paper out loud to get a feeling of the punctuation, and make any alterations to factors that sense unnatural to envision. 5. enable somebody else to envision over your paper, clean eyes can see issues you will not see. you could choose on line amenities for enhancing.
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