I really like a guy?

I really like a guy? Topic: Funny school homework answers
June 17, 2019 / By Chase
Question: So I completely ah-dore this guy at school. He's funny, smart, good-looking...you get my point. What should I do? He's my dancing partner for the school musical so I'm afraid to tell anyone I like him in case he finds out and it would be really weird dancing with him. I'm planning to tell my friends after the show, but for now I have to figure it out on my own.
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Alvin Alvin | 4 days ago
if i were you i would start talking to him in small ways like what's today's date? do you have a pen i can borrow? do we have any homework? then after that start being his friend like if he needs a pencil or something you answer. in other words just be kind to him, and then he will notice when he needs something who to ask. you.
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Thomasina Thomasina
Hey So I think that you should try talking to him....then casually flirting with him :).....then 1 thing leads to another and you will have a boyfriend! Or...you could ask around and find out stuff about him and see if you have anything in common with him, and then start talking to him about stuff he is interested in. Or, you could also ask around and find out who he likes.... Well...I hope this helped...Good luck!! :)
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