What do people like to read online whether it's a blog or website?

What do people like to read online whether it's a blog or website? Topic: The sisters blog
July 17, 2019 / By Brooks
Question: My sister and I was thinking about doing a blog, not so much for the $$$ though, although that can be good, but just to see where we can get and just for fun mainly. However, although it's all fun and expressive I don't want my readers to be bored out of their mine. I want them to be excited to come to our blog, and see what we have to say on certain topics you know. So what interest people the most to read about besides fashion? Not one to gossip so I'm definitely not trying to start that route, I'll rather keep it clean and positive whatever subject it is.
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Best Answers: What do people like to read online whether it's a blog or website?

Al Al | 2 days ago
The best way to engage users is with news. People like to stay up-to-date on various news topics, so I'd pick a niche and start doing news posts. News posts get natural traffic too, so you won't have to pay for search engine optimization in order to get seen on search engines, although it would still help. The site in my source can come in handy for getting traffic through SEO. Technology, Science, Sports anything you have an interest in is best. Topics that you enjoy writing about are going to be best, then you'll have experience with the subject matter and you'll be able to create good content for the site. Make sure it's a niche specific site, don't just go with "technology." Break it down further. What type of technology? Smartphones, tablets, computers? If you like more than one topic, then start a couple different sites. Just don't go too broad with your sites, it's too difficult to get noticed then.
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If you want to learn Mandarin but you have no clue exactly where to start off then a course for Mandarin is the greatest on the web course for the novices simply because it really begins with the basis.
Al Originally Answered: Want to read book indian summers by john wright online tell me any website name?
http://www.johnwright.com The above link does NOT lead to the author's site, I think. It's about hang gliding. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Summ... The above link only gives me two more to try: http://www.Sify.com for an excerpt and = *it doesn't work anymore as a book site, it seems. Check it yourself, through the link. http://www.sportnetwork.com for a review = *it doesn't work at all. Too bad.

Al Originally Answered: Should I create a blog/website?
Yes! Websites are a lot of fun. You can use webnode.com, that's how I created mine: http://writersunite.webnode.com
Al Originally Answered: Should I create a blog/website?
No. There millions out there on the net with the same exact everyday content. Go make friends and spend less time online. Seriously. Enjoy people.
Al Originally Answered: Should I create a blog/website?
You could always start one, there is no harm in doing it. And always expand it later or just ditch it. Best of luck with what ever you decide though.

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