JOB employment for a teenager thats going to be 18 in less then 3 months?

JOB employment for a teenager thats going to be 18 in less then 3 months? Topic: Food for less jobs application
July 16, 2019 / By Jessica
Question: i know someone that needs to get a job because her dad said if she dont get a job VERY soon then the car that was promised to her will be taken back, she dont want to work in a fast food place, so is there any other places she can try? she gots her application in at Claries. RAVE, things remebered and victoria secret. is there anywhere else she could look for a job? PLEASE HELP THIS IS A SERIOUS URGEENT QUESTION
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Flower Flower | 9 days ago
a place alot of people forget to try is temp agencies...i went there and now i'm working for a call center just aswering emails and getting paid $17.00 an hour and i was transferred to a full time permanant employee...they just dont have receptionist work i'm pretty sure they have different positions in almost every feild...give it a try its alot easier for them to do the work for you then going door to do door. and ususally if you go thru a temp agency u get paid a bit more.
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Flower Originally Answered: WHAT SHOULD I DO? On Bank Of America employment application, should I list all my previous employment history?
I have a job that required an extensive back ground check for a security clearance. The people who are telling you you don't need to list all your past employers are not looking for a job with B of A. It may look like you jumped around, but you can call that gaining experience. As long as you did not depart any previous employers with items that were not yours (theft), you should have no worries about a back ground check. If your prospective job requires that you handle money or private/personal client information, you will be scrutinized and any gaps will look suspicious. Good luck on your job search.

Dandrane Dandrane
First of all, your friend needs to be more realistic. With no experience or college education she will not be getting hired at Victoria Secret unless it's an escort agency ripping off the brand name. We all gotta start somewhere and it sounds like she just needs to start. I never recommend fast food to anyone but the fat and those who can't speak English, since the pimply faced puds who hand out the heart attack bags usually fit those descriptions. Girl needs to go to walgreens.com and apply online. Then she needs to call the stores she had her ap forwarded to and get an interview. There are opportunities there for full and part time and her parents will finally get off her back. I know because I have worked for the company and it is full of immature little wannabe biatches who want to pretend they are working at Saks. It's great work experience and it won't look too bad on her resume when Rave asks her if she has any experience with cosmetics. Sorry if this comes off as somewhat harsh. I just remember having to babysit these little wannabes too many times and being subjected to their childish gossip. So Walgreens it is.
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Bobbie Bobbie
Maybe if you have them enroll in college their father would not take things away. I always told my kids that if they go to college I would be more than happy to support them and feed them and take care of them. If they don't....everything will be taken away....even their home. If your friend doesn't have a GED have them get one and have them go back to school! You will never make a good living outside of high school without a degree. Everyone needs education beyond high school. Believe me you won't go far without it. The best paying job with only a high school degree is $7-11.00/hr here in FL. Your friend will likely get the smaller end of the deal since there is no experience involved. Please take my advice....get a 2 or 4 year degree. $20.00 an hour in 2 years sounds better than $10.00 an hour now!
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Alanis Alanis
Teenagers definitely should get, at least, a part-time job as early as 15. They need to learn how to be self-sufficient, responsible, and how to handle money, so that when they finally become adults they won't look to someone else to take care of them.
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Travis Travis
She can apply to work as a hostess at a regular, not fastfood, restaurant. Target often is hiring. Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linen 'N' Things are good bets. Those are all places that hire at under-18 where I live.
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Rees Rees
She can go to www.craigslist.org and check out emplyment section. I am sure that she will find something there.
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Rees Originally Answered: How to get a job as a teenager?
Get a food handlers permit then put a photocopy of it with your app.. it will give you an edge ..... my wife hires several people your age to do food service work

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