How should I balance my time between studies and social life?

How should I balance my time between studies and social life? Topic: Homework resume
June 16, 2019 / By Cleveland
Question: I am a freshman in college, but I am taking 17 credit hours this semester, one of them being Calculus which I am re-taking. Do you guys feel its more important to be social on the weekends and experience the college life, or to make sure all of your homework and reading gets done?
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Andrew Andrew | 7 days ago
Your grades will tell you if you need more homework or not. And excellent college grades will show up on your resumes for the rest of your life. Your sophomore year girlfriend not so much
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Andrew Originally Answered: Social studies help?
Well, first of all, use proper capitalization, that'll help a lot. Maybe make it a little less repetitive, something like, "I selected silver because I am a pacifist, I find conflicts disagreeable." Use a thesaurus to help you come up with other words to replace "I chose" and make it a bit less first grade book report. There are several good thesauruses online. You can do it! Good luck!

Totty Totty
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, put school and studying FIRST. You will reap the benefits of your hard work in the long run. It is YOUR future and no one else's. Social life is important, however, studying out weighs the importance of social life by a long shot.
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Sabina Sabina
it is more important to focus on your school work because your whole life depends on it. however you need to have a social life or you will go crazy. its okay to take a few nights off. Balance is the key
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Nessa Nessa
homework first. study hard all week and even on saturday during the day. use saturday night to socialize then back to studying the next day.
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Lucille Lucille
HOMEWORK! get your things done first. really you dont want to have to have to retake anything again right? you'll have time to be social and have fun during the summer and later on. worry about your schooling first!
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Lucille Originally Answered: Social Studies Help?
Since you have your reasons all you need to do is research them a bit. A first step would be just typing in your reason into google to find some support for it. I'm sure some websites will come up. Also check out some online libraries.

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