Hello fellow poets! So what are some good tips or advice for poems?

Hello fellow poets! So what are some good tips or advice for poems? Topic: Writing skills exercises in english
June 16, 2019 / By Ackerley
Question: what are some good tips or advice on writing poems is there any good websites anything is welcome i'd even really like it if you'd include one of your own poems :)
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Best Answers: Hello fellow poets! So what are some good tips or advice for poems?

Stacee Stacee | 10 days ago
Firstly, learn the English language. Is there any good websites? Most people do not benefit from instruction or advice in this regard, they can either write or can't. Poetry cannot be taught. Your skills can be enhanced though by building a bigger vocabulary and exercising regularly.
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I like your idea, so I'll give you some poems to begin with. You probably can find classic and pre-modern love poems just by searching on the internet. So, I'll take liberty of ignoring them. I'll list a few modern ones here. Credo by Matthew Rohrer: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMI... Poem for my love by June Jordan: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/179... Scheherazade by Richard Siken: http://yupnet.org/siken/2008/03/21/scheh... To Dorothy by Marvin Bell: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/20932 Morning by Frank O'Hara: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/morning-2/ Love by Billy Collins: http://www.stanford.edu/~ckmartin/caitlinaaron/reading2.html
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The best love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.

Princess Princess
What i find useful is to create your poems based on your life and your experiences, escpecially when you go through something that really evokes a lot of feelings. Try to take that emotion and channel it into the lines of a poem. Thats what I usually do :) Like last year, I had a HUGE fight with this one girl who I THOUGHT was my friend, but she turne out to be a jerk. Long story lol basicly, she told our principle that my boyfriend was doing all these perverted things which NEVER happened. Throughout the whole episode, I tookeverything that happened and created about 8 poems about different aspects of eall of it- the fight, how i felt about it, why it happened, whose fault it was, whose side i was goinng to belive....everything. Just take things that really make you think or feel and make a poem out of it! Recently Ive been going through depression, and one night I was feeling really down. I wrote this one poem: Tears My life Once perfect Is breaking, Shattering. I watch, As each remaining shard Is scattered And destroyed Before my very eyes. The cruel, Cold walls Of depression Consume me And I am falling Falling Falling An endless abyss The violent winds Of hatred The soaking rains Of malice Storm down upon me. Frantically I am searching For a light A single Flame Of hope. Yet each problem Thrown against me Is another boulder Balanced On my ever weakening shoulders. It's this never ceasing Burden That drags me deeper Forcing me further And further under Until I will surface No more. Is there anyone who hears me? A single soul Who chooses To notice My desperate cries For help? Or am I completely And utterly Alone. Isolated In my pathetic existence That even now Is slowly Fading Away. Hope this helps!
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Maxene Maxene
If you can write what you feel, then you're pretty good off. I don't go to any websites, but for inspiration, I just sometimes go for a walk. You can find your best poetry anywhere. Btw, an example of a poem I wrote: Night Darkness is the void, Stars shine white fire in the black, The night slowly fades. Just a short haiku could do the trick.
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Take the time you need to calm down and get beyond your initial reaction. Write her a letter explaining how she has hurt you, how angry you are, and how much you would like to extract revenge. Then SIT ON IT for at least 3 days. Give yourself those three days to put the incident into perspective, realize that you can't turn the clock back and undo the damage, and move from wanting revenge to feeling sorry for her that she had to get attention for herself by damaging another person--and decide that you don't want to get attention by damaging another person (even if she "deserves" it). Then tear up the letter. Once you have focused your rage and stated clearly what she did, how you felt about it, and why you reacted that way--and have acknowledged your violent reaction--you will be able to move beyond the rage. It might be slow moving, but it will be moving. You don't forgive other people for THEM, you forgive them because being filled with hatred and plotting revenge eats YOU alive. The stress and strain on your body and your mind will wear you down and do nothing either way to her. It's like your never letting it go keeps the pain alive and prevents your growing beyond the original injury. What do you say to her? Say "I forgive you. You're human like the rest of us and you made a horrible mistake." You don't have to forget that she's a person who can be even meaner than the average teenager. You can learn from this incident never to trust her, never to be alone with her, and never to share any confidential information with her. You can also remember that we are all children of God, even when we are mean and nasty to each other. I truly believe that God nudges us here and there down the pathway of life, and you don't have access to the "plan" to know how this incident fits into it, what you're supposed to learn from it, and how it will help to shape the rest of your life.

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