Traveling to San Diego California.?

Traveling to San Diego California.? Topic: Case southwest airlines
July 20, 2019 / By Cora
Question: I am going to San Diego in January with two friends. We are flying there from Chicago. The purpose of our trip is to see a good friend graduate from the USMC. Any ideas where to stay close to Camp Pendleton that is SUPER cheap?
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Bertred Bertred | 1 day ago
First off... Book your flight with Southwest Airlines. Take the Orange Line to the airport. Second, make sure it is Camp Pendleton you want to go. Is your friend graduating from boot camp? Do they graduate at Camp Pendleton or the Marine Corp Recruit Depot (MCRD)? If it is at MCRD, you'll wanna stay near there, not Camp Pendleton. That would be near Hotel Circle. Check out the Motel-6 if that is the case. Good Luck. Thank your friend for his/her service!!
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Bertred Originally Answered: WHAT SHOULD i WEAR iN SAN DiEGO THiS TiME OF YEAR?
I just got back from San Diego! The weather was in the mid-70s and it was nice compared to Michigan. At night it cooled down to lower 60s to upper 50s around 10 p.m. That is in part from the Santa Ana's that were blowing in. Shorts and Shirt during the day maybe have a jacket with you because it will be cooler in November. At night maybe a pair of blue jeans or sweats and wear a shirt but bring a sweatshirt with you just in case. The best night was on Sunday Night. In the stadium it was lower mid-60s and the atmosphere was great after a charger win! There wernt as many mexicans as I thought there would be and I heard chinese spoke more than I did spanish! Almost everyone in San Diego is helpful and kind and I would deffanatly go back if I had the oppoutunity!

Africa Africa
Carlsbad is an fairly good position to stay. once you've somewhat time left over to purchase there's a huge production facility Outlet Mall on Paseo del Norte in Carlsbad the position you will get call sort products at a coupon cost.
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Thurston Thurston
I was in the area this spring and I wanted to stay in the cheapest, tolerable place. I chose the Hampton Inn in San Clemente. They had beer (only 2) and chips at night, breakfast in the morning, and free internet. Their weekday rack rate is $179 and their weekend rate is $139. There are discounts to be had: AAA, government, etc.
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Quinn Quinn
Heres a list of hotels with an average 5-10 miles http://www.roadsideamerica.com/hotels_motels/poi/63077.html#trafficLogID=541763256&visited=true Just click on an hotel your interested in and it will open the page and you'll see attractions and places nearby and the rates thats included hopes this helps!
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Quinn Originally Answered: What is the year round temperature in San Diego?
I live in the Sacramento area, in northern California. This is warm all year long, and very mild most of the time. To be honest, we do have several days of 100 degree heat every year, but the air is dry, and you can barely feel it. In San Francisco, it is cold most of the time. You probably wouldn't like it. However, as you go inland, it gets better. Fairfield is very nice, mild climate clean, new homes for the most part, but very expensive. Almost anyplace you want to go near a coast, is going to be very expensive. Do a lot of research before you give up your home where you are now, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It would suggest any of the Central valley towns, such as Modesto and Fresno.

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