Can't install Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Can't install Windows XP Service Pack 2? Topic: Business case software free
July 17, 2019 / By Jaasau
Question: i got my first ipod today and i know that you need xp service pack 2 to download itunes so i went to the windows site to get service pack 2. i tried downloading it 3 times but everytime it comes with an error msg saying Access Denied and then it just uninstalls all the components it already installed up to that point. ive looked around and most ppl are saying that its because im not logged in as the admin but im 100% sure i am, i only have one account on this pc and its the admin and i even double checked the accounts on this pc just in case so thats definitely not the problem. i also shut down my virus/spyware program during the isntallation just in case it was somehow interfering but it still didn't work. so what else is there to do? i dont want to send for the CD version of service pack 2 just cuz my parents dont really like the whole ordering business. anyone know how to fix this problem? im pretty sure i have a legal version of xp, i got it at futureshop a few years ago and i dont see why they would be selling an illegal copy lol. and i tried downloading it from the site as well as from the automatic update thing but both didnt work and igot the same error msg
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Fillin Fillin | 4 days ago
it could be you have a illegal copy of xp. I'm not saying you have but. that could be the case. and if you do get a copy. and it is a bent copy. SP2 will not install cause it checks to see if it is a legal copy of XP. What you could look at is Linux... with Linux you get all that software with it. plus it puts XP and Vista to shame.. it is more secure faster, and FREE.. Linux communities have just releast their versions of Linux 2008 which is far more advanced that any ms windows will ever be.. with Linux support second to none.. check it out
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Danni Danni
MAke sure you have all ancilary programs disabled. Then try to do a network download of the SP2. This will allow you to "Deploy" SP2 to your machine. This may or may not work. I have seen some people have problems like this when , 1. they have an unauthorized version of XP 2. they are short on memory resources. 3. others I may have forgotten.
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Aylward Aylward
Are you sure your XP is legal, many illegal copies have this kind of block set up to prevent the problems with the Windows validation tool.
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Vonda Vonda
Do you have automatic update? If you do,wait for the icon telling you it is ready to install.Then click on manual install,click the blue "addy" and install it manually when you reach the website! It will ask you your connection speed etc. Then click "download" Hope this helps!
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