I feel really dejected because I have no close friend?

I feel really dejected because I have no close friend? Topic: No homework zone
June 16, 2019 / By Harvie
Question: So it is grade 11 already and I feel really lonely. I have a bunch of people with whom I hang out, but not a particular person who I can call "best" friend, who I can be silly with and not be scared of what he'll think, who I can have silences with that are not awkward, and who would stick by me. Lunchtime is especially bad, because it seems as if they never save seats for me and I have to stand around at the table. I feel really outcasted: they never include me in conversations; instead, they are all deeply engrossed in talk with each of their own best friends The only times where it seems that they pay me the most attention is asking for me for homework help, but it only makes me feel used and left without another purpose, like a soiled rag. I suppose it's my fault as well, as I consider myself quite introverted, but oh do I try so hard to make friends! I really do: social skills that other gregarious people display with ease I have to make a conscious effort, but I try. I make jokes, laugh, be a good listener, but at the end of the day it seems other people have no more room to include me, as if including me would be too much in addition to their already plentiful pool of friends. Some days I come home exhausted and saddened, even frustrated at myself, and I would write. It seems that only the paper would listen to me now...
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Elger Elger | 10 days ago
i was in the exact situation as u bro. but it will get better! TRUST ME! i had friends that never let me in their convos. and i was left standing and listening like a Dumbo. i felt so low about myself thinking and ask myself whats wrong with me!?.and would go home with no confidence!. i was to the Point where lunch was the worst part of the day :( Soon i decided to talk to more people in class and slowly started making new friends.it was out of my Comfort zone but i did it anyways.l8r i met some great people!!! and i guess u could say 'reunited' with old friends. what im trying to say is have patients. talk to more people (even though it may be hard at some times ) and i know ull find the right friends. :) i know u will! u seem to cool of a person to be treated like that. Good luck! :D
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Cecil Cecil
It is no consolidation now, but high school is just 4 years and not an indicator of your future life and future relationships. You are in a very common predicament -- especially if you go to a small school where the student body is not very diverse. To make the 4 years go by, you can either "join in" (with all the ups/downs of that) or be happy being alone and plan you escape by focusing on your schoolwork, getting good grades, and getting into a great college. In college, you will definitely meet more people and more people like you that you will instantly mesh with. With all your great qualities, there are going to be great friendships in your future.
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Allysdare Allysdare
wot i think is that u have to be a lil harder on them.. so they ask u for help wid their homework??.. just say that u r busy o sumthing... make sumthing up n avoid helping them with the homework for the time being... try to see how it goes.. u know? we humans are created in a way to want the things we always can't have.. may be coz u r too easy they do not pay much attention.. u said u try really hard.. y don't u stop trying.. n try to act like u r pretty happy with urself n u dnt need any1 to make u feel special.. do not show any insecurity.. be confident.. but not too confident even.. besides bestfriends are not exactly wot u think they r.. they always back-stab u in the end.. have gone through it lots n lots of times.. n the feeling u have is worse than losing ur lover.. anyways goodluck :) i love being there for people.. so feel free to bug me if u need t talk.. ( [email protected] )
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Terri Terri
I'm sorry your havin a tough time..but hey your just about done with school and soon you will be starting out on a whole new chapter. I know it can be rough but I'm sure you will be just fine. I'm always here if you want to talk, [email protected](: Good Luck!
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Rosaleen Rosaleen
Seems like those people are just using you for your help. Don't worry! Just try to talk more and get closer.
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Mora Mora
theyre prob not your real friends. if u dont feel comfy around them, its best to find other good friends. make friends with people that actaully talk to you, not just about homework-related things
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