Are dating sites stupid? or wrong?

Are dating sites stupid? or wrong? Topic: How to write a dating profile about yourself
July 16, 2019 / By Payton
Question: Like, is it wrong to meet a guy on a dating site if you're careful about it? I'm 19 and I feel like I just haven't met the right guy so my best friend put me on a dating site as a joke. I never intended to use it, but i started talking to a few people. I just feel like its a cop out, using a dating site. what do you think?
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Marilena Marilena | 8 days ago
It gets boring chatting or going through one personal posting or profile to find a person you can become attracted to. Too many insecure people lie about themselves so others will not find them unattractive and boring. Many people on dating sites or craigslist lie about being single all so they can cheat on the people they are in a relationship with. There are bored people that find humor in making up fake profiles and personal postings. It is ridiculous to pay money to be a member of a site or as I call it an "online club" to find "love." I never had a profile on a free or paid dating site but I have used craigslist. The women I met on there or at least chatted online with ended up being far more messed up than girls I met in person-crazy mixed signals, phony, rude and stuck-up. Four of the women I met from that site gave me a lot of grief. I met my last girlfriend off that site. I was with her for close to eight months until she dumped me last year through text messages on my old cell phone. I "broke" up with her three or four times because of how she mistreated me. I went back to her because I did not want to feel badly about hurting her. While I was her boyfriend, she never said, "I love you" only "I like you" at times. Without saying so, I was embarrassing to her to meet her friends and family (I met a few of her friends but never her family as she kept me a secret from them). She only wanted me to meet her family at her brother's wedding because she did not want to be the only person there without a date. She was verbally abusive as she criticized me often, made cruel jokes to me and got mad at me often mostly over small things. She went on a dinner date with a male coworker and then told me about it just to find out what my reaction would be. She went on a personals website to find another boyfriend while I was still her boyfriend. She not only had instant message conversations with guys on her laptop but she saved those conversations. She kept in contact with her ex boyfriend before me by talking to him on the phone when I was not with her and through myspace. Despite telling me that I was the "sweetest boyfriend she ever had" and that I acted more mature than her," she just never bothered to really care about me, love me and most importantly respect me. Not long after dumping me through text messages, she went back to the personals website that I found out she was going on while I was her boyfriend and created a profile on another personals site. Earlier this year, I liked a girl who I met off craigslist who lives in San Francisco California like me. She liked me for attention since her boyfriend lived and went to college a few hours away from San Francisco. We never did anything psychical but we we flirted with each other. It turned out that she liked me for attention. We never went on a date or hung out as friends. She made me more depressed than happy about liking her. I used to use the internet to find a girl to like me when I was a teenager. I am 25 now and part of me regrets relying on the internet to find a girl who will find me attractive. I have been written off by girls after they only saw one photo of me. If I was never an introverted person, then I would not have relied on the internet to find a girl to like me. I am still introverted but I am capable of flirting with a girl in person and having a girl find me cute rather than decent or ugly. I am like the sweetest guy to one of my female coworkers at my part-time job. Pretty much every messed up girl I have met in person and off the internet have me figure out what kind of woman I don't ever want to fall for or give a chance to. Some of the messed up women I met off the internet including my last girlfriend pretty much used all the same lines on me such as "I am different" and "I am not like that." I had to make up lies about where I met my last girlfriend. If you are a sweet girl, then you'll find the right guy eventually. I rarely even chat online anymore. Dating sites rarely work. You're still young. You have to strongly consider changing the type of guys you are attracted to or just change the environments where you meet guys. If you're a sweet girl then you'll meet the right guy eventually who will cherish you as his Juliet. I hope that this helps and take care of yourself. I mean this. ~ Alan
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Kris Kris
I think it is dumb, for one major reason, dating is a one-on-one, in-person experience. However, I feel that in limited cases, it may be a way to meet someone.
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Jayma Jayma
To me, there pathetic if you v=cant have enough confidence in yourself to meet somebody than you might have personal problems.Cus no one will love you more that youll ever love yourself, so find the right one yourself.
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I'm not saying you are not intelligent at all OK but as a single woman that is only interested in intelligent men try writing your notes/emails using proper grammar as oppose to text style abbreviations. Also try not singling in on their appearance the first email, state a comment about their profile that shows you actually read it whether its an interest or favorite food etc. You have to figure if she's attractive she's receiving a lot of mail already telling her how hot she is, remember we are interested in real people not fake. Please know I am not referring to you at all. I hope this enlightens you a bit. Good day..

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