Habitat for humanity why do they require good credit, job, background check & good income above 21,000 aprox?

Habitat for humanity why do they require good credit, job, background check & good income above 21,000 aprox? Topic: Management and problem solving skills
June 16, 2019 / By Loren
Question: I tried asking on there facebook page & then deleted the comment (My friend told me). I didn't mean any offense by my questions. I guess they don't want people stopping donations. On there website it says "We seek to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action" that impossible if they don't help everyone. In fact, people with good credit, jobs and good income can get loans. All I was asking is why and no offense is meant. My grammar is not good. That still doesn't make since. "We seek to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action" That is on their website. Homelessness, you would have bad credit, so you wouldn't be eligible. 650 to 700 is a high mortage payment. I know some people that pay a lot less in my area & they are decent homes. Anyway if you have a home in bad condition with a mortgage you wouldn't qualify. What it needs to say, is "we help lower middle income people with good credit get interest free loans" Which people in those situations can get loans. I don't know how they deal if elderly or disabled if they want housing. I just think the program is terrible. I think it should be shut down. It just help those who don't need help in my opinion. A lot of people I have talk to thing think it is to help the low income, disabled, and people who are poor. Even some stars think that. The website even says that. http://www.habitat.org/how/factsheet.aspx There is school is holding a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity on Nov. 5th. We will be constructung a Cardboard City and sleeping outside, in the cold, in cardboard boxes. The students are taking pledges for this cause. There are thinking they are helping the homeless or low income , when they are not. Maybe the could use a home, so they can start paying bills.
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Kate Kate | 7 days ago
Putting someone into a house they cannot afford is setting them up for failure. In a few months, they are thrown out. And just giving food and houses out to anyone who asks creates a sense of entitlement -- no need to do anything to get what I need other than to stick my hand out. Gimme. By contrast, Habitat for Humanity wants to help people to be able to be prosperous and to eventually be able to take care of themselves, without having to seek charity at all. So they don't just put people into houses -- the result would be thousands more people being thrown out in a few months or years when they couldn't finish paying off the very low mortgage rates. Instead, Habitat works to help build the capacities of poor people so that they are no longer poor. If a person comes to them and has bad credit, they put them in classes to help them fix their credit (a friend taught these classes in my community for a few years). If the person doesn't have a job, they refer them to organizations that can help them, like Goodwill. A person who is helped by Habitat doesn't just get a house -- they get the knowledge they need to manage their lives and be successful for a lifetime. Charity programs that just hand out food and clothes or temporary housing don't solve any problems. They are just band-aid solutions. That's why a lot of homeless shelters require residents to take classes on money management, debt management, job interviewing skills, job development skills, drug treatment, etc. And that's why organizations like Habitat are trying to eliminate poverty through helping people learn to manage their lives. Even in the poorest countries, charity groups have learned that if they just give everything away for free, the local people don't value what they receive, and they lose their incentive to work. By contrast, if they require "sweat equity", if they require local people to take some ownership of the activity as well, the local people value the service or goods, and don't have an entitlement attitude.
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Heather Heather
On the last Habitat house I worked on, the future homeowner was paying about $800 in rent in an apt. When she moved to the new home, her home payment would be about half that, which is a much better deal for her.. She was a single mother with two kids. As others have said, she was required to put in a huge number of volunteer hours. I personally don't believe in just "giving" homes to people. They will not value it and won't appreciate it. I believe in giving them a hand to get on their way - we have a different program for the truly homeless at my church, but we don't give people with no jobs and no money a house. That is poor stewardship. We do however help them to get jobs, manage money, and find someplace safe to stay. For example, there is a home owned by a couple of charity organizations that people can stay in for no charge - but it's not their home..
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Dory Dory
Habitat for Humanity asks that the prospective home owner give 500 hours of "Sweat Equity" into their new home; that means they are expected to provide 500 hours of work, not necessarily on their own home. They have to have good jobs and income because they are not "given" their new homes. They actually pay for the materials that were used to build it. The labor to build it is all volunteer labor and is donated to the new homeowner. This way, they are able to keep the cost of the homes much lower than if the new homeowner had to buy one off of the commercial market. The new homeowner actually has to apply for the home just as if they were applying for a commercial home loan. Their application must go before a board and be approved before they are awarded a new home. Having a steady, good job ensures their ability to pay back the loan. (Which is actually an interest free loan.)
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Cathryn Cathryn
HFH is building a home that people will take care of once they move in. The background is done, to make sure that the family will be able to afford the home they are living in. (see note) Families must also put in "sweat equity" working along side other volunteers to (re)build a decent home for them to live in. The idea being that a person takes better care of the things they work for. "Eliminating poverty housing" The homes that some families live in have bad plumbing, lead paint on the walls, and all the other problems of poverty housing...HFH puts together a home that is decent to live in. HFH doesn't pretend to eliminate poverty, just the squalor that families live in. NOTE: Property taxes, bills, neighborhood pressures and legal issues can add up for some "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" recipients, leading to foreclosure, sale and other trouble. http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/Amer...
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