This question is to put fullstop for all the penis size questions! This section.?

This question is to put fullstop for all the penis size questions! This section.? Topic: Average case size
June 16, 2019 / By Nona
Question: this section consists of full of frequently asked penis size questions such as i have a small penis size of some inches !!!!! Is there any unique and complete answer or never ask again solution U HAVE ?? thank u !!!
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Best Answers: This question is to put fullstop for all the penis size questions! This section.?

Lyssa Lyssa | 8 days ago
ya theres a great one i think this answer should be at the very top of the list all day everyday and before you can even post a ? that has the word penis in it you should have to read this: the average male penis size is between 4.5 to 6 inches the only way your penis can be to small is if its under 1 inch long erect in that case you have something known as micropenis THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL TO MAKE YOUR PENIS LARGER GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! if your penis itches or hurts for more then a day see a doctor if there is blood in your urine or ejaculant see a doctor 3 out of 7 men that are uncircumcised have rather tight skin is should lossen up within a week if it dosent use lube if your still un satisfied see a doctor but there isnt much they can do 1/5 people are circumcised most women prefer shaved/trimed "multi-orgasmic male" is almost compleatly impossible without leading to retrograde ejaculation (if u still want to do it right befor you orgasm press down hard between your testicaels and your crack it will stop ejaculation give your retrograde ejaculation but u can keep going(there may be a slight amount of pain but u got what u wanted) if your between ages 10 and 16 and its a ? about puberty or sex type the question in google it is normal to have a small erect penis between these ages there is nothing wrong with masterbating or looking at porn whatever feels right to you DONT MASTERBATE MORE THEN 4 TIMES A DAY masterbate about 4 hours before having sex and use lots of lube with lots of foreplay to last longer in bed or stop pre mature ejacuation if the above didnt help you practice alone or with a partner: if your with a partner tie your arms and legs to bed post have partner get you right before point of no return compleatly stop simulation and walk away for about 5 mins repeat this over and over for about an hour(some ejaculant might come out and there should be lots of precum) or until it hurts then have partner finish you off(it should be the biggest orgasm youve ever had) most people think that oral is the best type of sex i think that just about covers all possible retarded ?'s anyone could ever have if any of your think of something esle tell me ill add it on lol
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Lyssa Originally Answered: Penis size?
Penis size is determined by genetics .... maybe this will help you .... : While there is really NO average , so to speak for teens .... If you wish to know just how you compare with other guys ... Use this to see just how well you are hung ... There have been numerous studies done to determine what the "Average" size of the male penis is and NOT any two of those studies gave the same results .... Back in 1990 Men's Health did a study on the Average size of the Adult male penis and decided that it was just at 6 Inches ... Just six years later ... The Journal of Urology did their survey and came up with an Average of 5.08 Inches for the Adult Male Penis .. Then in 2000 ; The Journal for Impotency Research did their study and found Average to be 5.35 Inches .... while that same year, Lifestyles Condoms did a study that came up with 5.9 Inches .... Cool Nurse in 2007 said that 6.1 Inches to 6.5 inches. However; they even admits that they feel that the participants LIED as they measured their own penises without a monitor etc ... so their results need to be discounted to a certain degreee .... Some say the Lifestyles study is WRONG because they only used 500 men ; while the other studies did at least 5,000. NOTE: That until the age of 20-22 ; MOST males and their penis will continue to grow .... However ... a penis can stop growing at any age as can your height .. they both don't have to stop and / or continue at the same time. With all things considered ... Most Authorities now say that the AVERAGE Male "ADULT" Penis is 5.2 to 5.5 Inches when fully erect .... There is NOTHING that you can do or take to make your penis larger . Ya' just have to settle for whatever God gave ya' ....

Kelan Kelan
Maybe that particular answer can bring peace in most troubled territories in the world like Africa or Middle East or something... That's why it's kinda too hard to find!
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Innogen Innogen
I really don't think this is possible. Most of these questions come from new users--and there will always be teens or young men with curiousity. Life. (But a good thought)
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Eleanor Eleanor
already tried. How big is yours? You just don't want anyone to know about your size because it small.
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Eleanor Originally Answered: What is the average penis size?
If penis size really mattered to all of us, only guys with massive wangs would reproduce. This is clearly not the case, or else we would live in a society ruled by tripods and men would no longer be able to sit down on toilets. The proof is in the pudding. Your penis is fine. Your insecurity and need for validation from girls is not. Also, to the guy that recommended you lift weights to increase your penis size--that is complete bs. There is absolutely no correlation with weight lifting and penis size. Lifting weights before you've completed your last growth spurt is a terrible idea because it causes your bone platelets to close prematurely. Ever wonder why pro gymnasts that start at an early age are generally short? Being short in stature is a much bigger turn off than having a short penis.

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