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Need help with English paper help? Topic: English paper writing help
July 16, 2019 / By Barbary
Question: i have to write a paper about 3 things that are most important to me. i have everything else but i need a good introduction. i know i should write a question or something but i dont know what. the three things are a medal, tennis ball (symbol because i love tennis) and a picture of my family. can you give me some good introduction sentences please? thanks for your help! i know that i want a question but i dont know what i should ask!
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Adela Adela | 6 days ago
What would life be like without the things we care about the most? Because these things are so important to us, sometimes we need objects to help represent them.
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1--- Do you like to go to see a Circus performance? Why? 2---What do you think life in a circus would be like? Who would like to join the circus and why? ( rent the movie " The greatest show in earth" with Jimmy Stewart) 3---the music, isn't a little strident? Usually they play marches 4---Do you like the people that work on the trapezes, dangerous? daring people? would you like a work like that? why? why not? 5---Does the animals are well feed? are they well care for? is there any Governmental inspection of the animals? 6--Does the circus makes money? ( having so many people working for them, and exotic animals to be feed etc) I would title that essay: " Life under a Circus tent."

Taskill Taskill
When you think about it what are the most important objects in your life? What strikes that passion inside of you? What can't you possibly part with? When I thought about it I realized that the most important objects in my life are things that define who I am. In these next paragraphs I am going to tell you why a medal, a tennis ball, and a picture of my family are so important to me. I hope this helps. This was how i was taught to write but make sure that you put the order of the objects in the order of the paragraphs. it's called a transition sentence and it tells the reader what they are going to read bout next. also make sure you end with a conclusion like bringing back the objects and ending with something like maybe These things are important to me and i challenge you to think of what things you cherish in you life and it will give you a whole new perspective on life and why you love what you do. I really hopes this helps. Good luck...
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Perry Perry
Have you ever thought about all the important things in your life? What do a medal, a tennis ball, and a picture have in common?
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Lucky Lucky
ok you could be like..... Have you ever had something really important to you? Like maybe a family member, friend, or a certain object that some one gave to you? Or maybe just something that represents something else, like a sport? Well I have 3 important things in my life. There are alot mroe in my life of course, but I'm going to tell you about the three most important things to me. The first thing is............ hope i helped!!!!
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Jedidiah Jedidiah
I would start out with a question, as you indicated, or with a strong definition statement. The question would pull your reader in and make them think about things that are important to him/her. The major key is to have a strong thesis sentence though, because without that your essay will go absolutely nowhere!!!
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Why do you suppose it needs modifying? What's the discipline subject? We aren't right here or as a minimum i'm not right here to do someones homework. If there's a precise subject that you just want support with i will be able to are attempting. Can you be extra distinct? If it is the fine work you feel you can do you then will have to reward it. That means you aren't dishonest yourself out of studying. I have been there.If you're having problems within the class maybe you want some additional support. Is that this for school or put up graduate work?

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