Illegal immigrant students grapple with US dating are illegal aliens dating problems now our problem?

Illegal immigrant students grapple with US dating are illegal aliens dating problems now our problem? Topic: How to become a researcher at home
July 20, 2019 / By Parris
Question: Laura Enriquez wanted her boyfriend to get a taste of her Alaska vacation last summer, so she walked on glaciers in a pair of his shoes and held up his photo when taking snapshots of the scenery. It was the best the 24-year-old graduate student could do because her boyfriend, who was brought here from Mexico by his parents as a child, is an illegal immigrant and can't risk traveling anywhere identification is required. For the past two years, the couple have navigated some of life's rites of passage with this in mind. She does the driving and often pays because even with a college degree it's hard for him to find work. The death of the Dream Act last month dashed their hopes of a path to citizenship. While illegal immigrant students pushed for the bill to improve their access to education and jobs after graduation, the legislation also would have eased the often overlooked challenges of making friends and dating without papers. On college campuses, illegal immigrant students face a social barrier anywhere photo identification like a driver's license is required: from taking a road trip with friends to bar hopping to catching a flight. That can make it difficult to deepen friendships or relationships — or to date at all. Nancy Guarneros, a 23-year-old graduate student, remembers how she was primping for a special night out with her boyfriend when he told her they were going to a club. She panicked. "It's like, oh my gosh, how can you take me somewhere that requires government ID? What were you thinking?" Guarneros recalled at a recent meeting students held in Los Angeles to talk about so-called "cross-status" dating. It isn't clear how many young couples are in similar relationships. Researchers say it would be tough to find out, but the number has likely grown since children brought here as illegal immigrants after the country's 1986 legalization program have come of age and it has become tougher to get a green card through marriage. Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/01/16/state/n113710S68.DTL#ixzz1BEavKtKD
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Margarita Margarita | 2 days ago
No, Evelyn, they are NOT as American as I am. You see, I understand that I don't break laws then protest to have the laws changed in my favor. Look at the girl who is a 23 year old graduate student; she had until age 18 1/2 to go back to her country of birth and try to enter the US legally, but she decided she would stay here and play the amnesty waiting game. Now we're supposed to feel sorry for her because she can't go clubbing because she doesn't have government ID. When she was brought to the US as a child, it was a country she didn't know anything about but she adjusted and she can go home and learn to adjust there, too.
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Margarita Originally Answered: Am i Considered an Illegal Immigrant?
You need to get this fixed. Your mother can still file a Report of Birth Abroad up until the time you turn 18 years of age. Get this taken care of NOW. http://travel.state.gov/law/info/oversea... CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP ISSUED BY THE IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE A person, who acquired United States citizenship through birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent(s) or who acquired U.S. citizenship by derivative naturalization, may apply for a Certificate of Citizenship under the provisions of Section 341 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Application for this document may be made in the United States to the nearest office of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security. Upon approval, a Certificate of Citizenship will be issued in the name of the subject, but only if that person is in the United States. Obtaining this certificate involves presentation of basically the same documentation required to obtain a Consular Report of Birth. Under law, the Consular Report of Birth and the Certificate of Citizenship are equally acceptable as proof of citizenship.

Kisha Kisha
I don't think there is a way. Someone has to pay for it... Mexico and the Corrupt, or the United States Taxpayers. It should never have happened.. it should never have been tolerated by the Federal Government, and they intend, I believe, to use that to suggest we have to give in and let them come. I am hoping we can get rid of those people before this goes to far. But the American Congress that is dealing with this issue is predominately Roman Catholic. They want exactly what the Pope wants, and they don't mind a whit if they steal it from the taxpayers.
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Jannine Jannine
this is just another aspect of the issue.i dont understand why some lack the empathy and compassion to place themselves in their shoes. this situation could have been placed on either one of us. we have no control over where we are born, who our parents are, or where they drag us when we are kids. a lot of kids have grown up in the US not knowing any other place to call home. the ones who overcome their situation, go to school, and get a degree should be able to contribute to the society they were raised in, not be exiled to a country they do not know and does not accept them who are you to tell them this is not their country? they are just as American as you and i because they have been raised so. i bet,no, i KNOW if they took the naturalization test right now these young adults would pass with flying colors. @ bit of honey first off this article is not about the girl its about her boyfriend who is illegal not her. you need to read more carefully. secondly, these kids have done nothing wrong. wanting to stay in the country you grew up in is not wrong, even if you would have to stay unlawfully. the debate i about whether or not the law should be changed. if they can prove themselves valuable (which most have already) then they should be able to stay. what if it was you? adapting to a foreign country as an adult is much different than being a child. maybe we should up root you from your home and put you in nicaragua and see how you like it.
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Ethna Ethna
The number one priority of illegal alien males is to knock up and marry a us citizen, everyone knows that.
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Claudie Claudie
in 2011 illegals who dare flaunt their status will be captured and deported and it will be done very quickly and painlessly sort of like here today gone tomorrow ,the balloon popped on their dream act and its my guess the majority of them crawled back under their rocks whittling the hours away until they get exposed and a bus ride back home
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Claudie Originally Answered: Why do unions have so many illegal immigrant members?
Unions are looking out for what is best for them. If they lose the 690 union workers cited in this story and they each pay $50 a week in dues, this will result in the loss of $34,000 in union dues per week. Over a month this is $138,000. Over a year this is $1.656,000 in union dues lost. So it appears to me that hiring a american worker or an illegal immigrant is all the same to them as long as they get the $50 per week from each worker.

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