Is Google AdWords any good? Need experienced advice from experienced AdWords users?

Is Google AdWords any good? Need experienced advice from experienced AdWords users? Topic: How to write a summary response
June 25, 2019 / By Penny
Question: Hi, I came up with an idea for great online service and I would like to attract clients to my website by using Google AdWords (it's a two-word term). The service is going to be really unique (not many people know how to do it and I haven't found a single website of that content) so I don't need to worry about competition (for the time being). Is Google any good for it? I don't want to spend too much money on advertising (15 clients a month would be enough for now) but I heard a lot about click fraud (esp related to google), does it apply to my situation? Is Yahoo better? I need help and advice from people who advertise their SERVICES the same way and have some experience in this area (pros and cons, mistakes, traps, frauds etc). Please do not post any ads for your paid help documents or www's, I know most of them are great but I need advice, not a product or service... Thank you my friends!
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Best Answers: Is Google AdWords any good? Need experienced advice from experienced AdWords users?

Marjorie Marjorie | 1 day ago
1. Google Adwords has a very big learning curve. It could be very expensive if you don't know what you are doing. 2. Usually, Google Adwords work better if you are generating leads than if you are generating sales. So for attracting 15 clients, you'll need to attract 45-150 leads (depending on your leads-to-sales process). And for that, you'll have to attract 200-600 people to your website through Google Adwords. Depending on your field, that could mean spending anywhere from $100-1200 on Google Adwords. 3. If you try to sell directly through Google Adwords, on average - websites receive a 1% response rate. So you'll need 1500 people to visit your website (instead of 600 if you follow a good lead generation and conversion process). 4. The other side of the matter: are there 600 people who will search on your topic every month? If that many people don't search, then Google Adwords might not be a good idea for you. 5. I know you said you don't want any product recommendations, but because this could be helpful to you -- to reduce your learning curve, I would recommend Perry Marshal's Google Adwords course (you can search for it). I think it costs $50 - which is expensive for an ebook - but will help you save more money if you plan to use Google Adwords throughout the year constantly. In summary, a model that works well: i. Write a short report and give it away for free ii. Create 1-2 pages that gives away that free report in return for people's email address and phone number iii. Promote that free report give away website through Google Adwords iv. Follow up with people over phone and/or email and make the sale
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Marjorie Originally Answered: Google AdWords Help. 10 PTS BEST ANSWER.?
Just be patient - the google adwords support team are in my experience very good and if you have sent them an email detailing your problem, I'm sure they will be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime double check your adwords campaign and make sure you haven't made any errors or not complied with googles editorial guidelines. If you have done everything correctly - including setting the correct minimum bid, your ad should show up almost immediatley! Regards,

Krystal Krystal
The name of the game is to make yourself findable at the very moment someone is searching for what it is that you offer. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask are all effective when leveraged properly. Be careful though, if you are not sure what you are doing, you can run up a bill quickly. Very costly learning curve. We are Google Adwords Qualified. If you are a business and in need of creation and management of an Adwords pay per click campaign 215-966-1462. http://www.jmbinteractive.com/a-b-c-web-marketing.htm http://www.jmbinteractive.com
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Jeannette Jeannette
It's great however you need to know how to use it. It's like any other skill/ Master it and you can make a fortune. Stuff it up and it can cost you a fortune. The father of goole adwords success was Perry Marshall. Google him and get his product. It's great
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Fawn Fawn
You can check my website for some informative articles on your problem. It is in a building up stage but am sure would prove helpful. I can also explain any doubts u may have. http://www.freeonlinehelpsite.com/public_html/WebsitePromotion_Articles/public_html/index.php http://www.freeonlinehelpsite.com/public_html/WebsitePromotion_Articles/public_html/index.php http://www.freeonlinehelpsite.com/public_html/OnlineBusiness_Articles/public_html/index-2.php
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Fawn Originally Answered: At adwords.google.com, what does Low Search Volume Mean? How do I get the no of times a word was searched?
There are a bunch of keyword tools out there (you can try this site it has a bunch of internet marketing tools and keyword research tools: http://www.ppcforhire.com/semtools.html) There is also a link to Google's traffic estimator (which it sound like you are using already). Google primarily uses a 'bar' to not the search volume and advertising competition. I would recommend the tools at the website above as they pull data from a number of different sources to give you a monthly total. Hope that helps!

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