How can a teenager make $400-500 in less than a month or two?

How can a teenager make $400-500 in less than a month or two? Topic: How to write an article for newspaper examples
July 20, 2019 / By Ferdy
Question: For example, good ideas for things to sell, how to convince people to loan the money, anything. Legality? Psh. The subject in question is not old enough to get even a part time job at most places. I'll have the money in about 3 months but I need it before then, if theres a way to buy and then pay later thats great, sort of like a loan... I don't know.
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Daley Daley | 6 days ago
Cleaning, kitchenwork, packing, running errands, gardening, babysitting, newspaper delivery are some of the jobs available. These jobs will be posted in local newspapers and billboards. A better option is to work from home on your computer - write articles, sell on eBay, make a website, take surveys. In some cases, you may have to set up an account in your parents or guardians name, and ask them to pay you, after they get the money for your work. More details are available at http://www.pcworkathome.net/jobsforminors.html
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Daley Originally Answered: How can a young teenager make money resonabley?
im 15 and what i do is go down to the grocery store and buy a lot of the store brand soda and resell it for a dollar. its usually about a 90 cent profit per can.

Austen Austen
Uhm, if your folks aren't working then there will be less money coming into the house. Therefore, is a gaming pc really that important? $400 bucks is a lot at times like these - why don't you still try to rise the cash by offering to wash cars or do work for your neighbours (with consent from your parents) and offer to give your money to the family to help out? Then, when things pick up - maybe look at getting a second hand PC?? Just a thought.
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Vina Vina
You could try selling unwanted items for friends and family on eBay you could charge 1/3 of the price as a selling fee. You could babysit or mow lawns. It seems like 500 is a lot, but if you can get $20 or $30 here and there, it will add up quickly.
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Shanelle Shanelle
I'm 17 and make more than $600 a month working at a craft store. Go find a job that you would enjoy and who knows...you might want to keep it for longer than a month. The experince makes it easy to get jobs later. Also, if you're willing to be a little flirty, you can make good tips in expensive restaurants. I had a friend raking in 1000 in tips every month. Nice...
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Oonagh Oonagh
Are trying to get a part time job, would be logical. Simple as that, any money that is guick, usually isn't good money.
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Oonagh Originally Answered: Can you renew your month-to-month lease once you send a 30 day vacate notice?
It may depend on your apartment complex policies, however I had a similar situation in a different state and was able to continue month to month payments. My situation was that I had an unofficial job offer in another state, but was assurred it would become official after the annual executive meeting starting in 5 days. I was also told once I got official notice they would want me in place within a week--not much time to arrange a long distance move. I notified management at my apartment complex that I would be moving by the end of the following month, as 30 day notice only counted on the 1st of the month, and I would keep the office informed as my plans firmed. I then started packing, alerting utility companies, and making as many arrangements as possible. The executive meeting ended up eliminating the positionI I thought I had companywide due to budget restraints. To make matters worse, the Thanksgiving Holiday feel in the middle of this so apartment management was unavailable for four days, When they returned on Monday, I explained my situation, and said I would like to stay (I had been there fro roughly 2.5 years then). I believe I paid a small fee to cover the extra paperwork etc. and went back on month to month. When I did move two years later, I was a couple of days later than I had expected getting out. Again I kept management informed of what was happening every step of the way. They were reasonable and prorated the rent for just the few extra days I actually stayed rather than a whole month, which they could have done. My advice: !)Establish and maintain a good relationship with the management office. They should know your name when you walk into the office. 2)Inform them of your situation. 3)Ask for their advice and recommendations. 4) Ask the what if questions. 5) Make sure you are talking to the main decision maker. 6)Get information in writing, if necessary (i.e. I had to fill out a form of intent that I would be leaving in 30 days). 7)If all else fails, assuming you are a good tenent, point out to them they are better off keeping you, a known entity as a tenant, than someone new, who may be a problem. Good luck to you. R.B.

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