What do I need to take with me for a destination wedding in Perdido Key, FL?

What do I need to take with me for a destination wedding in Perdido Key, FL? Topic: Rolling suitcase small
June 16, 2019 / By Suzy
Question: I'm trying to make a list of things we need to take with us because I had a dream lastnight that I forgot alot of things and the wedding was ruined! The wedding is in Perdido Key, FL in the beginning of July. What do I need to put on my list to take?
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Raymonda Raymonda | 5 days ago
Globetrotters know how to make the most of their little closets-on-wheels. Here are some tricks to help you maximize space and pack like a pro. Do laundry a few days early so everything will be clean and ready for action. Have button-down shirts professionally laundered, pressed, and bagged at the dry cleaner so you can just pop them in your suitcase. Start your packing list a week before you leave. Begin early so that you can add items as you think of them and keep an inventory list should the bag go missing. When selecting your wardrobe, think coordinating solids, wrinkle-resistant microfibers (Lycra, nylon, spandex, and Tencel), and versatile shoes. Also remember that light-colored fabrics show stains, but they are cooler than dark clothes. To avoid wrinkles, roll or wrap clothes in tissue paper or lay clothes in the suitcase on their hangers and in plastic dry cleaners bags. Roll -- don't fold! -- wrinkle-happy clothes and pack tightly to minimize wrinkles. Avoid taking shoes or clothes you've never worn before. Stuff socks and underwear in shoes or purses to help these items keep their shapes. Pack an extra bag. If you have a luggage set, pack everything inside the second-largest bag, then put that bag inside the largest bag. When you arrive, feel free to stock up on souvenirs and duty-free goods -- you have an extra bag to carry it all home in! Or, pack an empty duffel to fill with take-home goodies. Bring items that do double duty: a hair dryer with a curling iron attachment, an alarm clock and radio, a calculator and translation guide. When you've stuffed your bag to the max, zip it up and tap it on the floor a few times to make extra room. Don't overstuff! Suitcase zippers may bust en route, or you could exceed airline weight limitations and have to cough up extra dough at the ticket counter. Unfurl belts and wrap them around the inside of your suitcase. Share bathroom basics (toothpaste, shampoo, and so on). Double-bag liquids (air pressure at 30,000 feet can wreak havoc on bottles and tubes). Pack a suitcase like you would a grocery bag -- heavy items on bottom, lighter ones on top. Pack all your valuables, one change of clothes, non-perishable snacks, a small bottle of water, and your minimum toiletry needs (at least your toothbrushes and toothpaste) in your carry-on in case your luggage gets delayed. As soon as you arrive, unpack and hang up your clothes. ______________________________________... "Destination Packing List" Essentials for a wedding away from home. Wedding rings and Bridal jewelry. Bride and Groom's wedding vows. Wedding ceremony music. Gifts for wedding party. Passports and other travel documents. Required marriage license and residency documentation. Adaptors for electrical appliances. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
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Raymonda Originally Answered: Destination Wedding Confusion?
I'm planning my Destination wedding from PA...to Myrtle Beach. I called a hotel made the plans, found a pastor that marries people on the beach, found a resturant & looked up their reviews, found a privet cake decorator/baker, privet florist & found a trolley company to drive us around all day. I did a ton of searching the net for either reviews or just finding a vendor. I also spend alot of time calling/emailing the local Camber of Congress & better business burrow. We are spending $5000 for our wedding. That is also a week stay in a 2 bedroom hotel suite for our honeymoon. I have over 250 calls made on my phone bill to Myrtle beach & have 340 emails sent to different vendors. & finally found the perfect ones! I found a few hotels that helps plan your wedding for ya. They wanted $30 a person for a meal plus alcohol, also wanted $1900 a week for the hotel. I'm paying $20 a plate a super nice restaurant & less then a $1000 for a hotel. It was well worth my time planning it myself!!! It takes alot of time but try planning on your own!
Raymonda Originally Answered: Destination Wedding Confusion?
Hilton San Destin is gorgeous. Also check out hotels on Pensacola Beach. Both areas are gorgeous with the most beautiful blue water. I lived in the area for years. Great choice on Florida as your wedding destination. BTW congrats!!!

Meriwether Meriwether
i have by no ability been to a wedding ceremony there, yet i have vacationed in Siesta Key on Crescent sea coast many, many cases. it truly is a desirable sea coast, and intensely laid lower back section. Definately a lot slower paced than Miami. it would want to be an staggering position to have a positive, relaxing, laid-lower back type wedding ceremony.
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Les Les
Take a look at this website.. http://weddings.about.com/od/destination... This will let you know everything you need to do to prepare yourself for a destinational wedding.
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Les Originally Answered: Destination Wedding: How to do welcome gifts?
It just too much trouble. Plus many hotels will charge you individual delivery fees to put it in each guests' room. Plus the pain inthe butt of people needing to take an extra piece of luggage home. Skip it. Or, right after people RSVP yes, send TO THEIR HOME thru the mail a sort of traveller's packet of information, maps, directions, etc, along with a little treat and lotions, as a prelude to the trip. Like, in a bubble mailer envelope.

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