Who is the tea party people?

Who is the tea party people? Topic: All about china research
June 25, 2019 / By Suzanna
Question: What kind of people watch and listen to FOX News and Rush Limbaugh? These people mostly live in middle America or some isolated place where they don't mingle with other ethnicities. One place such as this is Tulsa Oklahoma or the entire State of Oklahoma. I live there as a Chinese man and everyday I would get racist attitudes. These people are dumb, arrogant, hate others that are not white, bigots, and don't know much about people from other countries. They make arguments using cliches like "freedom" or "free markets" or "entrepreneurs" or "small businesses" as if it only happens in the USA. I would argue that because USA has a big university system of education, that most graduates of the university are not entrepreneurs but rather employees. If you think a so called so claimed free society with democracy such as the USA has more entrepreneurs than a communist rule government such as in CHina, you are mistaken. There are more entrepreneurs in China than the USA. There are also more women in leadership roles and women millionaires in China than that of the USA. News to you? I am not surprise because you americans live in a coocoon in your white bubble oblivious of the world outside your bigotted social norms. Keep listening to rush and keep watching fox, it keeps you stupid with hate and no power to change it. we slanteyes are laughing all the way to the bank. succkkers!!!!!
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Raschelle Raschelle | 1 day ago
The TEA Party is all over The United States of America. The TEA Party is very concerned that at the current excessive, reckless, irresponsible rate of government spending, The United States of America will be effectively bankrupt in less than ten years. Essentially we must cut back wasteful excessive irresponsible and reckless government spending immediately. That is the point that is being made by the TEA Party. The rest of your rant is rather disorganized and shows the level of ignorance and hatred that you have for The United States of America. It is sad to see that you are so unhappy here. I am a research scientist and co founder of a new start up company here in the Silicon Valley of California. I meet with groups of managers from the People's Republic of China from time to see where we might have mutual business interests. Most of the people that I have met from The People's Republic of China have been quite pleasant to work with. I would say that you do appear to be the exception. You sound like you are extremely unhappy here. You are taking a coveted place away from someone in The People's Republic of China who would love the opportunity to be assigned to work in The United States of America. There are many people in the People's Republic of China who would love to come here and take your place. Essentially you are taking one of these coveted slots in The United States of America from another person in China who could benefit from being assigned to The United States of America. You need to ask your employer to send you back to China because you are so unhappy here. Your employer can easily replace you with someone else from The People's Republic of China who would like to represent your employer here in The United States of America..
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Merideth Merideth
Your racism and lack of information are displaying. Tea bagger is a homosexual time period. Michael Steele is a black guy, now not a "meant" black guy. He does now not desire he was once white, and he's a patriotic American, now not an uncle Tom. Get over the racism and consider approximately what is excellent for the nation. Be embarrassed for your self.
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Leone Leone
Apparently the programs you watch on MSNBC do not tell you about us blacks in the tea party movement, who have jobs, love asian people having lived in asia for 6 years and married to an asian woman but now residing in an integrated part of a major city and thank God every day for the hispanic man who started his own business and gave me a job so I could feed my family.
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Jordi Jordi
Wrong -EPIC FAILURE! We're having a Tea Party at Six Flags Great Adventure. On Oct 2-Your more than invited to come down. Leave already like I said one less troll.
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Genya Genya
Chek my profile for pictures of many of the Tea Party people in April. It isn't what MSNBC wants you to know.
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Genya Originally Answered: Doesn't the Tea party research their people, Perry worked for al gore, he signed a Texas version of DREAM ACT?
I'm not seeing a lot that the Tea Party would be angry about. Little of what you mention has to do with the Tea Party's core issues of cutting spending, cutting deficits, cutting taxes and cutting gov't burden on our lives and business. Besides, we Tea Partiers like that he's helped create a business friendly environment in Texas that results in job growth while the rest of the nation is losing jobs.

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