Why is the tea party so Trashy?

Why is the tea party so Trashy? Topic: The sisters trailers
June 16, 2019 / By Silvia
Question: Republicans can not run from the fact that the tea party patriots look like a trailer park yard sale? Seriously is this real America? Derogatory T-shirts and Hate signs? Republicans love to broadcast that the tea party is made up of Middle Class/Upper class People. Yet whenever you see em on TV they look like a bunch of drunk Nascar fans? Is it too much to ask them to put on a decent outfit? Or does it display patriotism to look like you've just rolled out of a dumpster in a protest?
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Phillis Phillis | 10 days ago
Tbone can tell you are not to fond of the tea party, who do you really support or you just another person that follows Nancy Pelosi agenda, Lying, the twisted sister walked through the whole crowd with a smile you couldn't wipe off with that big hammer she was holding. Don't worry in November this Having her way will definitely be gone, and you will see the smile and Lies wiped of your and her face when the Trashy Tea party completely plays a big part in wiping out all the freaks that voted for spending and raising taxes. Call them what you like but it's you trying to be funny that's stupid.
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Phillis Originally Answered: Is this stylish or just trashy?
Sounds kinda shiny...lol personally for certain clubs, it could be stylish, although if you can't handle 5" heels, don't. It can sometimes be better to wear flats than to kill yourself in heels. I know from experience lol. For special occasions or a night out on the town, you should definitely go out of your comfort zone, but don't go too far. There is always a perfect balance, the trick is getting there. Also, don't ever let just one person dress you, it's usually good to let two totally different opinions dress you. But from what I can picture, you looked rather stylish.
Phillis Originally Answered: Is this stylish or just trashy?
That just sounds soooooooooooooooooo trashy. No offence. You should of told her you didnt like it. The PVC leggings, heels, makeup and the false nails really put me off the 'look'.
Phillis Originally Answered: Is this stylish or just trashy?
i in my view does not do it, it dose look trashy, I even have ash blonde hair and that i placed highlights with the aid of is and it seems super, those with black in the process the blonde have a perplexing time journey their clothing with it....

Maryann Maryann
Many of them are plants and are intentionally acting and dressing in a white trash manner in order to give the impression that they are a grass roots movement . Let's face it no real American with any pride would have the views they pretend to have and behave in public like they were guests on a Springer episode unless they were white trash. They are trying to look the part.
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