Girlfriends history makes her a hoe?

Girlfriends history makes her a hoe? Topic: Make a conclusion
July 20, 2019 / By Monika
Question: Okay i found out my girlfriend was not a virgin and would lie to her mom just to be with her ex, and now that i know i get hella pissed off when i think about her history, i feel like they had alootta sex together or something, and in result of that her mom now doesn't trust her with me at all!! is there a reason she's like this? does it make her a whore or sex addict? i don't wanna find out she's had lots of sex before because it'll effect me BADLLLLLLYYYY.. anyone Have clues? :( btw she never wants to talk about this like EVER.. SOOOO IDK :( Its not that Im a jerk nor anything but i have a history of being heart broken but dealing with girls as virgins, knowing she's the first dated and isn't a virgin makes me insecure.. don't jump to conclusions because you guys don't know me.. it sucks because her mom always wants to know she's gonna be with me and with someone around i get she doesn't want her pregnant but we're not that stupid, past is the past but still effects me.. By the way Vicky, Thanks for understanding me i appreciate it :D
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Lis Lis | 2 days ago
She was with her ex at the time, so her having sex with him doesn't make her a hoe. And even if they weren't together, she's not a hoe if she was committed to him. Even if they "did it a lot". If she was committed to him and had sex because she loved him (and not because she loves sex), she is not a hoe. As for her mom's lack of trust-- it's understandable. Trust takes a long time to rebuild, and so you two can look at that as a challenge you both need to conquer together. Trust builds back after a while, so just give it time. It's understandable that you feel a little uncomfortable that she's not a virgin. It would of been better if she told you at the very beginning of your relationship (unless, she did). However, she can't change the fact that she's not a virgin. But she does have another man she loves (you), and you should cherish that and not look poorly on her. She was in a relationship with her ex, after all. However, she should open up to you about any questions you may have regarding her intimate experience with her ex. You're dating her right now and you have the right (and she has the responsibility) to know what happened. So you should confront her about that.
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Kandi Kandi
What? Your girlfriend is a garden tool? There is nothing wrong with sex, so long as it is safe sex. If she wasn't having protected sex, you might want her to have an STD check before you engage in any sexual activity with her. Whores have sex for money. Sex addicts have sex with strangers, because they can't control their urges.
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Hallie Hallie
What's the big deal? Is it because you're a virgin and she's not? If you're not a virgin, you can hardly criticize her for not being one ... unless you're a jerk.
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Dollee Dollee
Why would you consider her a "hoe"? She's your girlfriend... Rudeness! That was her past forget about it. Just forget about it. It would make things much more easier for you and your girlfriend.
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If she was a horrible singer, then I'm sure they would have told her something. Is she really a good singer? If she is, then you should explain to her that if she wants a life of theater or film, then she had better work hard, practice, take lessons and classes and expect rejection. There are thousands of people who audition every day and each of them do not get every role they audition for. Who knows the reason they don't? It doesn't necessarily mean they are bad at acting or singing. It just means that someone else was chosen for the role. Don't take it personal. Anybody who wants that life should develop a thick skin, be prepared for rejection and also be able to take criticism. Nobody is perfect or great. Just chalk it up to experience and evaluate the audition and maybe find a way to be better at the next one. It's not realistic to think she would get the audition hands down. She shouldn't make an audition a life or death, make or break situation. It's only an audition. There will be others. If she is going to unravel whenever she isn't chosen for each production, then she's going to be in for whole lot of heartache. It's not like she was the only one they turned down. From what you said, 120 other people weren't chosen for the production. There's a lot of competition out there. So instead of thinking she's a horrible singer and creating that type of self-centered drama, she should continue to practice and go out on more auditions. Eventually, it will happen, but she has to really want it and make it happen. It's not going to be handed to her. And it really won't happen if she's not confident about her talent or feels negative about herself.

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