What makes the tardis fly?

What makes the tardis fly? Topic: S in bubble writing paper
July 20, 2019 / By Jayna
Question: What exactly makes it able to dematerialize and just pop anywhere it wants it Flys through time and space so does it dematerialize and go into some sort of spacial Flux and materializes on a geographical plane via spacial Flux? I'm just curious what makes it be able to dematerialize and fly technically and reappear where the user wishes... in real science terms what would that be called and or what principles would be used to explain what it's doing
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Evie Evie | 3 days ago
The TARDIS is a thing of a bubble of spacetime that can move forwards or backwards along a time loop. When several of these time loops are conjoined together, it allows the TARDIS to travel between any points in space and time. However, as implied by the way the TARDIS moves in a swirling motion in the intro of every episode, it can't just go in a straight line. That's because when you conjoin said loops together, you get a Tipler Cylinder, which would be composed of many things of matter. If it were to just go into the cylinder linearly it'd be heading straight to the center point of gravity of this thing and it would need to go faster than the speed of light to get out of there. And as you probably know; that'd be impossible. However, if the TARDIS was to enter it at an angle, it'd end up moving in a closed time curve in which the TARDIS would be able to move in a curve along the cylinder. This would keep it from getting caught in the cylinder and even allow it to explore infinite number of time curves around the Tipler Cylinder. I highly recommend reading Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime, whichis an 8 page paper written by two amazing physicists about this exact topic and it's a damn good piece of work. Here's a pdf of it: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1310.7985.pdf Hope this helps!
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